KeyBiscayne Gets Creative with .Email

The people behind are offering residents the opportunity to get their own address.

Posted on their website: was selected to manage the email address of the Island Paradise.  Key Biscayne residents and businesses have the exclusive right to use the address and have the option to receive VIP offers sent only to address (optional, you can opt-out of this benefit).

Thanks to its exclusivity, you can have your perfect email address: Instead of, for example, you could have (or,, etc).

They go on to say that you must prove you are a resident before your email account will be activated.



  1. says

    Good luck. I think the “.email” can do well, but with a length of 11 characters, and being 2 words, that may be a tough one. Not to mention Key Biscayne has a pretty small population of less than 13,000 people. I have recently invested in Short and/or High Population .email domains (ie: = 13 Million Population, , , , , and more). Is anyone else out there in the vertical?

    • says

      There are many good reasons for separating the tld for email.
      1) Giving out the .org tld can be misleading to recipients of the email. This can make it look like the email holder works for
      2) If email holders used this address to Spam the website address can be blacklisted.
      I think designating “.email” for just email is a smart idea and will probably be used more often.

      • cmac says

        having separate tlds for everything seems like going backwards, not forwards. why not have a separate tld for mobile versions of websites….oh wait…yeah that didn’t catch on.

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