After 50 ICANN Meetings, Its Amazing ICANN Never Held A Meeting In These 10 Places

ICANN is about to hold its 50th meeting in London from June 21st. June 25, 2014.

Looking back at the previous 49 ICANN general meetings and where they have been held.  I figured I would point out 10 spots around the globe that its pretty hard to believe ICANN has not held a meeting in.

None of these cities have ever been the host of an ICANN meeting:

1. New York City

In my opinion still the greatest city on earth and certainly in everyone’s book one of the most influential.

If you were going to start a global organization New York would certainly be in my top 5 spots

Of course New York is also  home of the United Nations, which may take oversight control over ICANN in the years to come.

2. Dubai

Arguably the financial center of the Middle East.

There was a (Regional Meeting) in 2008 between ICANN 32 and 33 but it has never been the site of one of the 50 ICANN meetings.

3.  Tokyo

The 6th ICANN meeting was held in Yokohama.

ICANN has never returned to Japan.

4. Hong Kong. Another major financial center of the World and certainly of Asia.

Despite holding 3 of the 50 meetings in Singapore, ICANN has not held a meeting in Hong Kong

5. Switzerland

Yes I know its a country but ICANN missed having a meeting there, be it Zurich or Geneva or another spot, ICANN missed the whole country

Known to be the most neutral country in the world and reported at times this year, to be the new home of ICANN, its pretty amazing that a meeting was never held in the country.

6.  Moscow

One of the world’s largest cities and another financial center.

ICANN not only missed Moscow but the former Soviet Union, or any of the countries that broke away even those that are now coming back under Russian Control.

7.  Spain.  Yes another country but Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of the country came up dry in holding ICANN meetings.

Panama City.  Not only a booming financial center, it is actually the financial center of Latin America and the shipping channel to the world.

ICANN hasn’t held one of its meetings in the Country.

9. Istanbul is the third biggest city in the world in terms of population and ICANN has not held a meeting there or anywhere in Turkey for that matter.

ICANN also missed Greece entirely.

10.  Any place other than California in the United States.

Our first pick New York is such a miss we included separately,  but its amazing to note that ICANN never held a meeting in the United States other than in California (number 29 was held Puerto Rico)

Including the ICANN meeting scheduled in October which will mark the 6th held in the United States (7th including Puerto Rico) yet ICANN has missed out along the way on  on cities like Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Miami, Atlanta (which hosted an Olympics) and never even made it to the convention capital of the United States, Las Vegas.

We also should mention that until ICANN decided to have its 50th ICANN meeting in London they had never held a meeting in England or the  United Kingdom for that matter.



  1. says

    Good observation.

    Dubai: Well, there was an ICANN meeting in Dubai – in 2008! It was great – albeit “only” a regional ICANN meeting. So maybe they don’t want a repetition – plus the UAE do not allow Israelis to enter their country … can’t really imagine that a U.S. based organization would exclude all Israelis from ICANN….

    Spain: There was one in Portugal, and Portugal is almost ……. OK, let’s not upset the Spanish (or the Portuguese) 😉

    NYC, Panama, Istanbul are great suggestions. Moscow better not – Saint Petersburg would be much more fun!


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