After 10 Days Frank Schilling Registrar, Uniregistry Has 108 New gTLD Registrations



Frank Schillings Registrar Uniregistry launched 10 days ago and we reviewed it in a detailed post.

To date Uniregistry, has only managed to get 108 domain registration for new gTLD’s which gives it a market share of the new gTLD registrar market of 0.03% according to

Uniregistry is currently ranked as the 74th registrar in terms of numbers of new gTLD registrations according to the site.

According to Uniregistry has a total of 390 domain name registrations including the 108 new gTLD registrations.

Uniregistry is ranked as the 664th registrar in the world in terms of domain registrations.

Of course as a registry, Uniregistry,  has a lot of more new gTLD’s coming including a few in April, but so far Uniregistry is barely a blip on the registrar radar.



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