Mt.Gox Goes Offline, is sold and some interesting documents show up


While reading tonight Matt mentioned that there was a blogger that was posting some interesting stuff.

From the article:

But tonight, we may have received the final chapter of Mt. Gox’s last saga, courtesy of a Bitcoin blogger known as “The Two-Bit Idiot”. He posted a chillingly titled entry earlier today titled “Bitcoin’s Apocalyptic Moment: Mt. Gox may have lost 750,000 bitcoins”, referencing a leaked document obtained from “an otherwise reliable source.” 750,000 BTC equals about $375 million at today’s exchange rate.

As of a few minutes ago, he has posted another update, linking to the document. Here is a key passage from the document, which may be found here:

Now when checking out the document it shows a crisis strategy draft. In it there is a letter from the CEO, mention of rebranding to which according to Elliot Silver at was purchased recently from Andy Booth.

Here is a look at the strategy timeline:



  1. says

    I did not realize a company institution could Sell any property ,Including domain name With this kind of theft. I know bitcoin does not fall under the same rules as others . Just wondering how it will fall in the end.

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