Deals.XYZ Sells For $8,100 On

In a auction which just closed today the domain name just sold for $8,100.

The price marks the highest amount paid for a .xyz domain name, a new gTLD extension which hasn’t even been delegated yet.

If should be noted that the application fee for .XYZ was $185,000 so this one domain name repays the registry 4% of the application fee.

We have already heard of aftermarket sales of recently released new gTLD domain names, but this has to be a record for a new gTLD prior to delegation

Congrats to .XYZ and the Buyer.


  1. says

    This one is funny, there was a 2 way bidding war, or up, from $1200 to $8100, so if that one bidder backed out it would have gone for $1200.

    The .xyz registry has already stated how optional this bid process is, not standard namejet rules being applied, considering the registry is not even live yet. Oh well I guess it makes good PR, anyone ever see the winning bidder win any other namejet auctions?

  2. Domainer Extraordinaire says

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
    If this gets paid for, in a short amount of time, he will be saying at least I didn’t pay $200K for

  3. Dominator says

    Maybe not all bidders. But, as noted above, the price escalated significantly due to 2 bidders and I think there is a good chance the price was driven up by people with an interest in getting a nice number on the board.

    I have no evidence to back that up. But given the quality of the extension and the lack of similar sales in other extensions, I don’t believe this to be a legitimate sale.

  4. Joseph Peterson says


    That’s pretty typical, though — to see a wide gap between the highest 2 bidders and everybody else. After all, auctions end when all but 1 person stops bidding. It would be unusual to see 3 bidders go all the way to the top together because that would mean 2 of them decide to stop right at the same point. Generally, when an auction goes the distance, it’s because 2 motivated people show up.

  5. says


    hey man, i and many other people don’t appreciate you being so reasonable on these blog comments.

    you’re gonna have to start having more shocking and irritating commentary, bro.

  6. webadv says

    Good buy in my opinion. Sounds like a good five character Brand for a Deals site. When it is advertised it will be memorable to the consumer. I’ve paid more for crappy “.com’s”.

  7. says

    The results from these .XYZ auctions are meaningless. They are completely non-binding to the high bidder.

    From Daniel Negari –

    “The auction winner is entering into a nonbinding option contract to purchase the .xyz domain name if he or she wants to once it is available in 2014.

    If you win the auction then have a change of heart, that’s ok.

    We don’t need a reason.

    There is no termination fee, no contract, no agreement we will hold you to.”

  8. cmac says

    lost of .mobi’s sold for five figures as well but are worthless today. anyone who was around surely remembers the sedo premium mobi fiasco.

  9. says

    Negari is bob-sleighing in Canada – .XYZ is sponsoring the New Zealand team – so this auction’s proceeds are just his team’s lunches for the weekend. 😀

  10. Joseph Peterson says


    Admittedly, a non-binding outcome changes the auction dynamic a bit and opens the door to shill bids. But if someone backs out of the deal on later on, that will cause 2 serious problems for the registry:

    (1) It will be inferred (rightly or wrongly) by many domainers, that the original auction result was a sham.
    (2) It will appear that the most zealous .XYZ buyer on record has lost faith in the extension for business purposes. And that will damage future prospects for the TLD and the registry.

    They need to point to a credible developed website. All these gTLDs do. Otherwise, they’ll evaporate rather quickly.

  11. jose says

    @MHB why are you making the mistake so frequently of placing .com on your posts regarding gTLDs? are you using some plugin that automatically adds .com to things that look like domain names? or is this a Freudian slip ? :)

  12. Grim says


    Force of habit, most likely. I’ve put .COM at the end accidentally as well.

    That said, the ‘Deals’ sites I’m really looking forward to are,,,,,,,,…. among so many more.

    People may say that having so many Deals sites will make them all pretty much redundant and worthless … but I think it’s high time that the Internet got all these sites. Things are finally changing for the better, and after more than a decade we’ll soon have the Internet we’ve all been dreaming of!

    Suck on that, Groupon. You don’t have a chance in this better, ‘future’ Internet!

  13. says

    Grim, that’s it. your sarcasm card is revoked. people shouldn’t be allowed to fight it out in the real market real world type of thing…

    from now on, i will choose the winners based on how much ive been drinking during the day. right now i’ve got Etienne Depont Cidre Triple.. sounds fancy right? (Jeff would write it like that with all capital letters…)

    well, its 11% ABV and im hammered. f@ck you france!!

  14. says

    I don’t know how this will play out in the end , but I don’t believe the winning bidder had anything to do with with registry .. I wanted this one … I liked the sound of it… If the winning bidder opts out , I am sure that the registry will contact me as the second place bidder , but as Ryan stated after 1200 it was just the two of us… So it will be interesting ..

  15. says


    These domains only could be sold this way because the string is not delegated yet, still subject to trademark clearing house and sunrise apps and if the buyer doesn’t pay well it wouldn’t be the 1st time a buyer on namejet or sedo or another platform didn’t pay what he bid

  16. says

    NameJet now says on this auctions: “”” We’re sorry, this auction was cancelled. “””

    In fact, few more .xyz auctions were “cancelled” on NameJet.

    Still wondering why?

    • says

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