Not Shocking: More People Sign Up For Online Gambling Than Healthcare

New Jersey just released some stats for those signing up for Internet gambling accounts and they seem to be pound for pound doing a lot better than those signing up for Obama Care.

I know its shocking.


According to, around 150,000 people signed up since late November for an online gambling accounts in New Jersey.

“As of Monday, there were 148,487 accounts that had been created. But the state’s Gaming Enforcement Division notes that individuals often create separate accounts on more than one site.”

As of the end of December only 1.1 million people signed up for Obama Care on which started signing up people in October.

Considering that you have to be a resident of New Jersey to sign up for an online Internet Gambling Account, and that the population of NJ is only 8.85 million people compared 313 Million people in the United States; well you do the math.

Also not shocking

So far there is no reports of people not being able to access the New Jersey gaming site to sign up.

Someone play a hard 8 for me.


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