You’ve Got To Be Kidding: $25K For A .Sucks Domain Name Registration


One of the new gTLD applicants for .sucks opened up Priority Registrations for .sucks domain names for $250 per domain and Trademark Priority Registrations of $2,500 per domain.

The truly shocking part of today’s announcement is that the registry plans on charging $25,000 PER domain for Sunrise Registrations.

Sunrise is reserved for registered trademarks which are registered with the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH).

The registry is offering is a $250 priority registration “Reserve the name you want now, first-come, first-serve. Your registration will take place before General Availability.” or a Trademark Priority Registration for $2,500 per domain.

“If a trademark holder waits until Sunrise to apply the fee is going to be $25,000 per domain.”

“Trademark Priority”

“Trademark Holders can reserve now and secure a price of $2,500 to avoid announced Sunrise pricing of $25,000.”

“Trademark Priority registrations will take place BEFORE sunrise”

The Vox Populi Registry Inc. owned by Momentous Corporation, which is the only shareholder listed as owning at least 15% of the registry is opened to business

Momentous Corporation also owns

The other two applicants for .Sucks are domain veteran Jay Westerdal’s company Top Level Spectrum, Inc. and Donuts.

Donuts previously announced the availability of a global block on all of the extensions it will wind up owning of around $3,000 which would include .sucks if Donuts wins the auction, which looks like a bargain compared to Momentous’ planned pricing.

As for availability it looks like the registry reserved only a handful of domain names from being registered.

This is going to be a problem for ICANN and for the New gTLD program.

While, Twitter.Sucks and Microsoft.Sucks can be registered by anyone the domain name, and are not available apparently reserved by the registry.

Speaking of Sucks the logo for The Vox Populi Registry Inc. which appears above sucks as the word .Sucks is in white print and doesn’t show up on a white page.


  1. says

    Do you remember .XXX? Businesses forced to shell out money in order to protect their brands. I’m afraid we’re going to watch the same movie over and over again. It .SUCKS!

  2. says


    OK, this is a blatant scam, but the the idea isn’t very different: operating a troublesome extension and making companies feel the urge to register their brand before their competitors or detractors do. As stories like this become more and more frequent, this is only going to get the domain industry a worse reputation.

  3. kd says

    This is ICANN’s mess to clean up. If they do not I have to wonder who will get and what will be done with it. It is a no-win situation for them if they do not ban this extension. Either ICANN registers and admittingly supports the extension. Or they allow someone else (me) to get and use the extension to let the world know how corrupt they have become. Allowing this extension is just supporting a digital mafia.

  4. says

    It’s $25,000 a year?! Lol, this just keeps getting better and better.

    You know, what Frank has done so far, that’s smart. That’s the model. With .tattoo I totally get it. It’s creative and niche (a vertical solution) that relies on creativity and personal expression as being the driving force behind the demand for the domain extension. With .sucks, it is fear and the uncontrolled nature that is anonymous commenting about anything on the internet.

    Jay, Vox and Donuts are literally investing in a business model that only succeeds if it first makes an already difficult problem to manage, even that much more difficult.

    Whomever ends up with domain, here’s the ultimate scumbag move that will most likely be their “business model”.

    You’re “X” company or brand. You pay the $25K or whatever it will be each year.

    If you don’t… Well guess what will be on Sony.Sucks if Sony doesn’t pay up? A landing page saying it’s available for sale? Not likely.

    No, more likely a public forum for people to voice their criticism, valid or not. So what are brands left to do? Just let this wild unrestricted forum for criticism and inevitably slander exist without having some ability to manage it?

    This is RipOffReport but via a terrible domain extension. Brilliant predatory business model and precisely what we need to be an example of the future of the new domain industry.

    @Jay, how do you go from DomainTools, to this?

    Credit to you for having the balls to address any of this publicly, but it is just really surprising that someone who made a fortune from the domain industry with a great product (DomainTools, for those not aware) is literally building a business that can only damage the reputation of it.

    Do you think it means anything that literally every single blog in the business who has had an opinion on this, has said that this is bad for the business?

  5. says


    Top Level Spectrum and Fegistry both applied for a lot of TLDs. We do not endorse Vox, we are in fact competition. We are not pricing our domains anywhere near Vox.

    We knew .sucks would be applied for this round and we thought that we would be the best to run it. Because we are a for profit company as well it just make sense.

  6. says


    So here is an observation I have for you.

    Since you are in competition for the extension with VOX and Donuts based on VOX pricing model how can you possibly compete in an auction be it a private or ICANN auction.

    If VOX business model has trademark owners spending $25K per domain and everyone else spending $250 and lets say your model is a more traditional $250 sunrise fee (not saying it does) and a under $100 registration fee, then VOX business model would anticipated revenue maybe 100X more than yours, making the string much more valuable to them.

    Therefore is seems they would be willing to pay a LOT more than you would or another applicant some not planning on charging $25K per trademark domain or $250 for a regular registration.

  7. says


    My point is that it’s an extension that just should not exist. ICANN should have never approved this. It doesn’t matter if Vox charges $25K and you guys charge $25. At the end of the day, this is a “problem business”.

    Simply because the .sucks extension will exist, it doesn’t matter if a ™ owner ignores this or actually buys their brands urls, either way this is a problem for them as soon as it launches. So your “business” regardless of what you charge, is just bringing negativity and problems for all of us. This kind of thing trickles all the way down to the consumer. The more companies have to spend money on defending themselves from stuff like this, the less profitable they are. That’s just going to inflate the costs of the things we purchase from them.

    Collectively across all of these similar business, all of these similar type of models with monetization that happens as a result of a “forced response” to something being published online, legitimate or not, collectively all of this adds up.

    And if you’re a CPG like Proctor&Gamble, J&J and tons of other Fortune 100’s, you’re supposed to do what, pay out for every single product name you own? Coke is paying $25K for Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite,

    Your comment about your group knowing that the .sucks extension was going to be applied for, so that’s why you did it because you’ll “run it better”. That’s like the lesser of two (but in this case three) evils right?

    Which pay day loan store should we admire? The one that charges 24%, 27% or 29% a month?

    I notice that you haven’t said a word (nor Vox) about your plans for the non ™ side of the business. IE, anyone registering these for generic terms. Because who is really going to register Nine year olds that don’t like to eat their vegetables?

    If its not obvious, this just illustrates that if you didn’t have the hard work, money and time that the ™ owners put into their brands to ride off of, there would be no business here correct?

    I just don’t get why intelligent people with literally a complete blank canvas to do something meaningful with, just have to take the road that’s lined with businesses like this and RipOffReport etc.

    Whomever ends up with the .sucks extension should be sure to reserve for themselves.

  8. kd says

    I don’t care the price of the sld. $5 or $25,000 – this is still a mafia that will have been sanctioned by ICANN.

    If ICANN allows this extension I will raise a shit-storm over this. I think it is the shittiest thing ever. Does not matter the end user price. It is all about defensive registrations!

    Jay, I appreciate what you have done in the domain industry until now. But this is a sinking ship. A LOT OF PEOPLE saw this coming, but ICANN did not. ICANN seems to have let it pass through.

    I reiterate… Who will one day own the domain http://www.ICANN.SUCKS

    ?? Their failure to regulate this extension will have long-lasting implications. This is a TLD that is not delegated!!!

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