Add .Co.Uk and .Cn Dropping Domains To Their System

SnapNames®, a KeyDrive S. announced today that the ccTLD domain names for the United Kingdom, .CO.UK and for China, .CN are now available for backorder services.

“As the world’s third and fourth most popular country code top-level domain (ccTLD) extensions, demand for .CO.UK and .CN is aptly reflected in top worldwide internet usage penetration rates and volumes.”

“According to the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations agency, 80% (more than double the global rate) of UK households had internet connection in 2012 making them one of the most connected nations worldwide.”

“China had the highest number of Internet users globally with over 560 million users (over 42% of China’s population) leaving further opportunity for continued explosive growth.”

“With the addition of .CO.UK and .CN domains to the SnapNames marketplace, our technology continues to evolve and is now even better positioned to deliver domains most relevant to our clients and partners globally,” said Craig Snyder, CEO of Moniker and SnapNames. “We are committed to connecting our clients with the best available inventory on a global scale. Success enablement is a big part of our business strategy and having .CO.UK and .CN domains in our marketplace will promote economic growth for end-users within their respective regions.”

To ensure you don’t miss out on target .CO.UK and .CN domains, simply place backorders using the SnapNames search tools.

To view the .CN pending delete download list go to:


  1. says

    1. Snapnames customer service replies to simple questions is terrible. It’s like they do not understand English.

    2. Do not count on domains released from (and maybe even Dotster) to be caught by Snapnames. Something fishy going on there.

    I had four domains on backorder, all same registrant, registrar, creation and expiration dates. I got two without auction. Other two had bidders but were purchased/intercepted/not released by RegistrarAds without going to Snapnames at all.

    I asked RegistrarAds for a price and each domain is $1000 + just days after the grab.


    3. Dotster/ are owned by the same company and they are cherry picking dropping domains which they send to snapnames but Snapnames is CLUELESS about the situation. So, if you have a backorder on a domain from, do not be surprised if KEEPS the domain for themselves and/or/aka gives to Registrarads bypassing ALL Snapnames bidders.

    4. Does Snapnames have an exclusive to catch all drops from If so, they are not catching all drops from

    5. Snapnames and Moniker are lousy companies but what do you expect from a company run by a CEO who was at iReit when iReit was buying names directly from Halvarez the Snapnames shill bidder.

    End of rant.

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