UPDATED: Samsung Rolls Out Ad Campaign On TogetherWeRise.co With Lebron As Part Of $100M NBA Deal

Samsung has rolled out a new Ad campaign to celebrate the start of the NBA season on the domain name TogetherWeRise.co With Matching Twitter Hash Tag

The features Lebron James as the Miami Heat are seeking a three-peat as NBA champs.

The site allows you to upload a selfie on ToghetherWeRise.co and the site has pictures of people that have already uploaded pictures.

Pictures can also be send via Twitter or Instagram.

Pictures will be also displayed on the outdoor screen at American Airlines Arena in Miami tonight when the Heat Play the 1st game of the NBA season.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that  The National Basketball Association has signed a  $100 million deal with Samsung to use its products calling it the Courtside Palace at its games.

Samsung will supply the courtside monitors that referees use to review calls.

The league is also expected to customize video content for Samsung devices, including televisions.

Looks like this is bigger than we first thought






  1. says

    Your standard case of settling.

    I do find it amusing though how often a .CO getting launched or being advertised makes domain blog news. I guess that is how little the extension is actually used in the real world.

    When someone builds a domain on an obscure extension it certainly receives a disproportionate amount of attention in the domain world.

    Could you imagine if anytime a .COM site launched it made news?


  2. todd says

    When a brand like Samsung uses a dot CO in its advertising campaign that is HUGE news for all other extensions other than dot com. Samsung gives the extension credibility and when other large companies do the same it is inevitable that it will affect dotcoms and their values. Whoever doesn’t see this needs to take their blinders off. I love dotcom as much as the next guy but I am a realist.

  3. says

    More proof brands or campaigns don’t need a .com to reach out to a global audience.

    Brokered the acquisition of rise.net a few years ago, they are doing fantastic while the .com is gathering dust.

  4. says

    Here is the text from the facebook feed:

    A pixel of you. A piece of history. Together We Rise. Upload your selfie from Facebook, Instagram, or directly from your phone to be part of game night. http://smsng.us/rise

    Seems they rather redirect a hacked up .us rather than just promote the .co. Unless people look at the browser bar they are not even going to know they are on a .co. Of course if they used the .co people would think it was a typo and go to the .com. So they smartly went this route instead. .co will have arrived when you don’t have to make some dramatic post every time you spot one being used somewhere on the web.

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