CADNA Calls On Congress To Increase Cybersquatting Penalties Under The ACPA & Include Registrars/Registries

The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) posted a story on its site, written by Warren Communications News, Inc.,  which quotes Josh Bourne Director of CADNA:

“The problem of cybersquatting is going to “explode by at least 2,500 percent when new gTLDs go live”

“CADNA will start a letter-writing campaign and continue to seek a sponsor for a revision to 1999’s Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA).”

“CADNA’s proposed revamp would establish stronger deterrence for all violators, including establishing liability against an affiliate, representative or other entity acting in concert with the registrant, including registrars and registries,”

“It would also amend the damages provision in ACPA to award damages of at least $25,000 per domain name targeted by cybersquatters.”

CADNA’s first goal for its “Know Your Net” campaign is to raise awareness about new gTLDs, as well as stories about the real impact of cybersquatting, said CADNA Communications Director Yvette Miller.

The Warren Communications News, story also quotes Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa as saying:

“Congress has an obligation to take a hard look at ICANN’s new generic top-level domain (gTLD) program”,

Marino is vice chair of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet, which has investigated new generic top-level domains in the past (WID May 5/11 p1).

“I’m sure there will be hearings” to ensure Congress understands the expansion of the Internet and to ensure rights holders can protect their trademarks amid that expansion, he said.

“Educating Congress and the public on the issues on new gTLDs is critical, Marino said. “There are still many senior members in the House and Senate that simply rely on their staff concerning anything to do with computers or the Internet,”  “They have a rough time figuring out how to turn the computer on, let alone what the ramifications are.”

“He said members of the House and Senate Judiciary committees had a better understanding than most of the gTLD expansion and the corresponding concerns over trademark rights and over cybersquatting problems. ”

We have to make sure we have all the players at the table, we have all the information, and we do what is going to be most efficient and the most effective,” he said. “We’re determined to do this right,” even if it has to be done slowly, he said.

Interestingly CADNA which is led by Josh Bourne who is also one of the founders of Fairwind Partners a brand protection company and also a representative for many .Brand new gTLD applications, they don’t seem to own the two natural domain names for CADNA’s “Know Your Net” campaign. is currently parked under privacy. The domain appears to have transferred ownership earlier this year but does not seem to be owned by CADNA or Fariwinds. was just registered in December but an individual in Roswell Georgia, also does not seemed to be owned by CADNA or Fairwinds.

Also it was very reassuring to hear that those who have, and will be expected to pass laws on domain names issues are:  “have a rough time figuring out how to turn the computer on”.

Maybe its better is the US government remains shut down, will give those in office time to take a computing course.


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