Holding its 1st Ever .US Domain Name Auction

For theĀ  very first time, NameJet is offering .US domains on our auction platform.

“These exclusive domains are priced to sell at no or low reserves, between now and 10/24/2013.”


  1. says

    the stampede begins…
    additionally check out the results of the .me auction at
    in top of it the afilias .info auction

    Now dilute that even more with 700 new gTLD coming
    any clearer ?

  2. says

    Before they were lining up paying thousands for these names, and now they are throwing them out their in a head fake auction for all the suckers… Because a new shinier piece of turd is coming to market… lick your lips, same fate, no reason a great 2 letter extension like .us had to fail so hard, imagine all the .now turd that is going to stain the underbelly of the domain world.

  3. Scott says

    Neustar is totally incompetent when it comes to marketing. Since 2002, they have done the absolute worst job in showcasing .US domains and should willingly give up the reins to others that might salvage some value from the extension.

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