Comcast / NBC Sports Sells For Six Figures to Startup


The domain name the former name of the NBC Sports Network has been sold by Comcast/NBC Sports for a “six figure sum”

According to a story in, The buyer is startup company that upgraded  from the domain

According to the story, Versus IO acquired the domain name “after closing a Series A round recently and garnering reportedly 3.8 million visitors last month, Versus CEO and founder Ramin Far decided it was time take the startup to the next step with the new domain and rebranding. ”

Versus has an interesting history:

Versus was a cable sports television  network which was originally launched on July 1, 1995, as the Outdoor Life Network (OLN), which was dedicated to programming primarily involving fishing, hunting, outdoor adventure programs, and outdoor sports.

OLN became better known for its extensive coverage of the Tour de France, but eventually began covering more “mainstream” sporting events—resulting in its relaunch as Versus in September 2006.”

“The NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) is a cable sports channel in the United States operated as a division of NBC Sports.”

“Comcast, the original owner of Versus, acquired a majority stake in media company NBC Universal in 2011. As a result, Comcast merged the operations of its cable channels with those of NBC.

In particular, it aligned the operation of its sports channels with NBC’s sports division, NBC Sports.

On January 2, 2012, Versus was re-branded as the NBC Sports Network to reflect these changes thereby leaving as an unneeded asset.

Brand protection company, Corporation Service Company, was the actual holder of the domain while it was in the hands of Comcast/NBC Sports.


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