Google Withdraws New gTLD Application For Contested Application .Goo

Google has withdrawn its first application since ICANN started releasing Initial Evaluations (IE) dropping its application for .Goo.

Google’s  application  had a prioritization number of 1,814.

There is another application for .Goo which was filed by NTT Resonant Inc.of Japan.

NTT has filed a Legal Rights Objection against Google over its .Goo application which is now shown as withdrawn as well on WIPO’s site.

Prior to IE Google withdrew three other new gTLD applications for .Are, .Est; & .And.

With two of the losing .Club applicants of the private auction being reflected on ICANN’s site tonight there are now 81 new gTLD applications that have been withdrawn.

Google which applied for 101 new gTLD’s is now down to 97 applications.





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