Demand Media Rolls Out For New gTLD’s

According to a press release just out, Demand Media(R) (NYSE: DMD), announced the debut of, the latest step in the company’s efforts to facilitate the launch of upcoming generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

“”Today’s move brings a robust platform to create complementary, high-quality web experiences to leading new TLD registries, which are already working to categorize the Internet with more than a thousand new domain extensions.

“ expands the company’s suite of offerings to current and future domain industry customers, and facilitates expansive consumer online and social engagement.

“New websites will be included with the registration of newly available domain extensions, such as .DENTIST or .SOCIAL.

“Just as the new TLDs speak to the identity, interest and needs of specific audiences, so too will the layouts, functionality and user experiences associated with unique templates in the platform.

“A consumer using .FAN needs features related to sharing, ‘liking’ and growing a community, while a professional using .ARCHITECT needs features related to a strong visual portfolio and self-promotion,” explained Nick Nelson, general manager of for Demand Media. “Until today, tools and templates have been designed for no-one in particular. New gTLDs are for specific audiences, so we must have tools that create a web presence with the same tailored approach, making the website and web address inseparable.”

“ will be integrated into the purchase process of partnering domain and web hosting providers, enabling consumers to create a high quality web presence specific to their chosen web identity already demonstrated by the domain name. In order to easily facilitate website creation and updates, the platform will have a point and click design tool. Customers will immediately see how their website will look on mobile devices, as well as have access to drag and drop social media tools.”

As for the domain name in 2006 it was registered to  John Berryhill Attorney Trust Account, then went under privacy until the ownership moved in 2008 to  Domain Adminstration Limited c/o William Vaughan, then it was back under privacy at Enom a Demand Media, Inc. company, where it remains today



  1. Grim says

    .COM sucks. “”? No one will remember that. They should have gone with “Designs.designs”. So much better, although if they made it a subdomain, (designs.designs.designs), that would be even better.

  2. says

    is that a requirement to be interested in following new gTLD thing? to denounce .COM and repent?

    you guys – not every comment is the da vinci code with some secret meaning behind it.

    some of you guys keep taking “sides” like you’re betting on the superbowl. OMFG they went with a .COM LOL!

  3. says

    into what deep.. TLD’s that aren’t available for registration yet?

    uh, yeah man… i own the worlds biggest portfolio of .design domains.. was trying to keep it on the downlow but…

  4. says


    New gTLD are not added to the root yet so they have to use an existing extension


    I have no idea of what you talking about but what are you like 5 years old; your mother is so…..

  5. says

    What I implied is why they don’t use for example:

    the highly touted and most prestigious . CO ?

    or the . TV? (as seen on Times Square) or . ME? and start showing the secular world the great potential these alternative extensions provide and there is life after . COM

    Do as I Say (Not as I Do).

  6. BrianWick says

    I am Pretty sure Domo – I do as you do.

    But as far as “What is implied” – well that is clearly the full two handed stroke that will send .com’s thru the roof.

    This is all about selling tons’s that will NEVER be used – but do you think these new registries care ?

    I don’t even care – no doubt there will be a TARP program for the suckers – yes ?

  7. says

    “…the secular world”
    haahhaaha you’re acting like they’re saying “dont use .COM anymore”

    @BrianWick – when you sell a domain for the right price do you “care” what happens to it afterwards?

    how deeply do you care?

  8. says


    Demand owns Enom which is a domain name registrar that allows customers to register domains in hundreds of extensions.

    This product they are rolling out is not video based so there is no reason to use a .TV and why not use the .Com when they own it and have it sitting in inventory.

    They don’t have to proof anything they are in the business of selling domain names like any other registrar whatever the domain

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