Donuts Loses 3rd Private Auction As Their Application For .College Is Withdrawn

It appears that Donuts has lost is 3rd private auction as their application for the new gTLD .College was withdrawn from ICANN site today.

Yesterday we reported  that Donuts was one of the losing bidders for the new gTLD .Club which was won by .Club Domains, LLC.

The day before we noted that another Donuts Application was withdrawn for .Vote which we figured at the time was the result of a private auction.

Yesterday the one of the private auction providers, Innovative Auctions (Crampton) reported that they conducted 6 private auctions this week for the strings; club, .college, .luxury, .photography, .red, and .vote. meaning that our guess on .Vote was correct.

Today’s withdrawn for Donuts for the new gTLD .College was made under the company Binky Edge, LLC.

The winning bidder in the private auction for .College and therefore the only remaining applicant is XYZ.COM,  LLC whose CEO is a well known domainer, Daniel Negari.

Daniel company, LLC is also the applicant for the new gTLD’s of .XYZ, and .Now.

Congrats to Daniel for winning the private auction for  .College

We will see who won and lost the three other new gTLD private auctions in the coming days.



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