The 20 ccTLD’s That Google Treats As Generic TLD’s

According to the, Google has been updating their indexing systems to treat more ccTLDs, country-level top level domains, as generic TLDs.

As we already know some of the favorite ccTLD’s of domainers like .Co, .Me and .Tv made the list.

If your using a ccTLD domain name and if its on the list Google will rank your site as a generic site, .com, .net and .org included.

If you’re using a ccTLD not on the list, then Google is treating the domain in its country code sense and you should not expect to get much traffic or ranking outside the host country

“Some country specific TLDs, ccTLDs, have been used by a large number of webmasters as more generic TLDs. So Google has decided to treat 20 ccTLDs as if they were generic, and thus not weigh too much localization to sites using those ccTLDs in the Google algorithm”.

The list of 20 ccTLDs that Google now treats as generic are:

  • .ad
  • .as
  • .bz
  • .cc
  • .cd
  • .co
  • .dj
  • .fm
  • .gg
  • .io
  • .la
  • .me
  • .ms
  • .nu
  • .sc
  • .sr
  • .su
  • .tv
  • .tk
  • .ws

Google said that this list “may change over time”.


  1. says

    This is proof positive that Google is attacking Corporate americas (.COM Brand )

    The paybacks for Google will be considerable. We see many .COM Brand. companies retaliating by going around Google with this latest assault on their 30 year Brand.

    Google is making it official War.

    Consumers are comfortable with .COM companies and not Offshore Gimmick ccTLDs .

    Good Luck Google, dont you see the Backlash coming? Your monopoly hold on Online Marketing is crumbling and your Obsolescd search Engine Marketing that is SEO Manipulated and strandig Businesses large and small needs to go.

    Bye Bye

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. says

    @ MHB + Bobby

    R. E. = ” Who is this war between .com owners and Google? ”

    The war was won long ago you two are just ignorant of the facts.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. says


    i mean this in the nicest way but it almost seems like the only reason you continue to let Jeff post is you want people to realize that all comments are welcome.

    if these sort of posts continued for say, the next 6 months – would that be ideal?

    and Jeff – i wont be one of those faceless cyberghosts telling you that you have too much time on your hands. time is an awesome thing.. but you’re not making any sense.

  4. says

    Jeff is clueless. He thinks he understands domains but his rambling, robotic, answers and posts are, at best, those of a non English speaking, socially awkward , person. I only allow them because I am too lazy to delete them.

  5. Paul Omego says

    Honestly i thought i was alone about this Jeff’s meaningless comments all the time..I decided to take my time so as not to look disrespectful, nice to see other good observers i have been waiting for…cheers.

  6. says

    socially awkward is an understatement. the guy signs every post with “metal tiger”

    the most ridiculous part of his posts is his assumption that most domainers think the new gTLD’s are going to be awesome and he’s like the last remaining cowboy on the range fighting for his .COM way of life..

    i dont know how many .com’s Michael has but the way Jeff acts like every other article posted is some sort of conspiracy to dethrone .com is hilarious

  7. LM says

    Jeff why dont you just diversify? If you think its a “war on .com” then buy into the other side too. I wouldn’t term it much of a war and great sites on .com continue to do very well both in sales and Google rankings.

  8. says

    Who says it’s a war. I say Google has won the war. Like I said I m on my summer so it s nice to be out of high school reading blogs. I mean no disrespect most of you dogs are pretty old. Hear me for a sec, I was talking to a few cats of mine, we all into rapping. The only white kids prob who still rap. We got mnm dreams and sh**.

    Do u really think we d even touch or even want he** no. You all are crazy. We want something cool we want something uniqueness Justin.Rap JustinH.Rap something cool. So think about it Mr Jeff not everyone wants it sounds boring too general something a company would use. So there you go.

  9. says

    We are glad to open Smart Money Eyes as to whats really going down. Sorry the truth threatens so many.

    Remember open discussion is democratic, close sensorship is not.

    If you don’t like what we say just ignore. That does not seem possible for some.

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  10. says

    @Jeff: discussion would be great but you already said you arnt interested in discourse.

    @LM: because he sees it as some sort of moral issue. im not kidding. he thinks its like having an opinion about abortion or something where you could probably criticize someone for “buttering both sides of the toast”

    buttering both sides of the toast is how money is made.

  11. LM says

    @Jeff. I think most people get your message. You think .com is great and the new gtld program sucks, and cctld domains are a waste of time too and in many cases will create great losses. I think most people agree with that too however most domainers I think recognise that alternative extensions certainly have their place – for example if you want to sell something in Germany you best have the .de or in UK you better have the or you are going to leak an awful lot of traffic too. If one is running a personalised service type site then theres no harm in taking the .me or if your site is a video channel then grab the .tv if you can.
    Your posts from what I have read seem to say this same thing over and over in some article spinner type fashion I dont really see the point because frankly you aren’t really adding anything new to the discussion.
    If you truly believed what you say to the hilt then you would have mortgaged your house and purchased a handful of short killer .com domains. You haven’t.

    I think a diverse strategy is in order such as most domainers take. Stick mainly to something you know well, have a good holding of .com domains and make room for some speculative space in alternative extensions because noone really knows whats going to happen.

    The human race is a fickle beast and you have no more idea which way the world is going to go than anyone else so I think its plainly foolish to ignore other possibilities even if you do think the chances of a non .com domain selling for more than it cost are insanely low. I can direct you to dnj where you will see the evidence of vast ROI profits being made in other tld as well as .com.

  12. Paul Omego says

    There is no doubt about the value of dot com names, that is why people still buy and register dotcom too,yes dot com is king,but i think it is insane for one to always think that only the king can make a kingdom…the king,queen,chiefs and others add great value in any healthy kingdom, so the domain kingdom is not

  13. says

    Hello MHB,and other detractors

    Its obvious that there are people with different opinions.

    This is an open discussion Blog where people are entitled to their opinions,YES ?

    If our professional opinions threaten your agenda,just say so admit it.

    This character assassination stuff is laughable,

    I have my professional profile at LinkedIn, and maybe you should compare it to yours before you attack in ignorance of the facts.

    I do not expect you to know or understand the Marketing Analytics that I do with th 40+ years experience that I have. History is recording all of us and 5 years from now the BS and the truth will be sorted out and I am very comfortable in making the comments that I do.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  14. says


    There are 20 comments on this thread and 15 are either from you or about you

    You have more verbiage on most of these posts then I do

    Plus you have 40+ years experience marketing how old are you, sounds like you must be older than me, sucks for you

  15. says

    Hello MHB,

    Can we seriously ratchet down the rhetoric to a professional grown up level?

    My answer to your age old question ? of does it really suck to age?

    Every day I get up the world becomes more easily understandable and the wisdom just keeps on coming.

    Youth in my opoinion is highly overated.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  16. says

    yikes, talk about a lack of self awareness.

    you sure are complimenting yourself a lot Jeff.

    life tip for human interaction: let other people compliment you. patting yourself on the back this often is not attractive.

  17. says

    @ ontheinterweb,

    life tip = never speak for someone else before they reply, especially someone much wiser than yourself.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  18. says

    how in the world did you get the idea im speaking for someone else?

    that last post i typed was only a couple sentences.. real easy stuff here Jeff.

    anyway, you are the most useless poster on a blog or forum i have in recent memory. completely useless. you have no opinion about anything. your posts make ZERO sense. you are batshit insane, which is fine – just log off the internet for a while.

    and Michael- sorry for contributing to these off topic idiotic posts. now im ruining things too. that will be the last one about Jeff.

  19. bnalponstog says

    % ontheinterwebs – “that will be the last one about Jeff.”

    We will be holding you to that.

    xoxo, Ourselves (3-2-1 contact) (Zircon pufferfish)

  20. says


    Thanks for forcing my brain back into service. Now I totally get the new TLDs. I think the new TLDS will totally take Google out of the equation. Here’s why:
    If you wanted to renew your ny drivers license online where would you go? Or would you go to Google where the first 15 results all look very official using keywords with .org what does .org say to an uninformed surfer- probably a municipal site as opposed to commerce. There are actually three different addresses:‎‎
    and the first two results‎‎

    Turns out the first two results, which look so official they had to place a huge disclaimer on the top, are really insurance sales sites that eventually lead you to the DMV- why they are ranked first is a mystery

    The dot gov sites look like a kindergarden class designed them. They may do the trick but I suspect 70% of the visitors will not trust it and either go to an office or call to confirm the site is real. You believe everything should be dotCOM but what dot should be the brand for this need?

    Then think about all the artists and models whose bookings depend on online headshots and portfolios. How would you expect to find those.

    The answer is the web grew into a mess because it was unmanaged, unregulated and never explained

    And dotCOM alone can’t make it right. Sue Jones the model is competing against millions of Sue Jones for one dotcom spot. With a dotModel more people can be served better and surfers will find what they need. They will know on .nyc that it’s the official site and is where the licenses are. You can’t offer that with .com. Imagine cleaning up the whole government service process.

    Tell me Jeff, if you wanted to go to the government site for Sweden to see what the visa requirements are, what would you type? Try it and you’ll have a rude awakening. EASY!

    The TLDs are here not because dotCOM is bad or worth less, but because it alone can’t solve the diverse needs of specialized communities. Or the massive growth in population and need to be a global solution so you don’t have to remember that au is or uk is

    How many times a day do you go to Do you ever speak about the value of .sc. Rather you know this is the honest whois. It wasn’t hard to train this behavior on a captive audience. And I suspect the same embracement and adoption will be accepted by groups they are meaningful to.

    I don’t really see any comments on these posts about the posts or stimulating positive discussion about possibilities beyond the bubble we live in.

    Wikipedia gets 400 million visitors a month. It’s a dot org, but it’s also on the bookmarks that come preloaded in every browser. It’s also the first result when you look up a person or anything like Apollo project. You simply click because you are looking for information on a person or topic not the web address of an encyclopedia. I bet you didn;t know it was a dotorg regardless of how much you visited it. Just like you have gotten all your music from iTunes but never went to shop for it.

    Look in your hard drive and see .doc .psd .jpg .xls- what makes you think .Cloud is a web address and not an application. Applications are accessed via desktop icon. In software branding on the desktop is much more valuable than having a website accessed via search and browser.

    I have said in my posts that the biggest opportunity in names is to replace the PC with a web-based PC. Maybe that’s .Cloud.

    So the new tlds will make the web easier to use, people easier to find and give more people a way to own their future. They will also provide trust and assurance of who you are dealing with.

    So what we need to be looking at is a massive shift in thinking that will bring the role and importance of domains center stage. How can we exploit that to promote and sell our inventories which have never been sold but bank on someone showing up. And it’s not working!

    If Jeff can make or find a time machine, it’s the only way he can stop what most people call innovation and progress.

    Mike has given us an unbelievable opportunity to collaborate, educate, innovate and become armed with tools and ammunition to find more success in what we do. We waste this we blow this by having a whinefest repeating the same old crap like a broken record.

    Wake up. Pay attention. Get out of the domain cocoon. Google is evolving way beyond search with eyewear that snaps photos by human wink. Apple is launch a TV controlled by gesture. If you want to talk broken look at the comcast browser, the effort and level it takes to find what you need to search- ‘The smart money” is on seeing opportunity in adversity. If the solution creates a need for names, it will be a name that adds value to the total picture.

    For years domainers have bought names they assumed people will want based on a ppc business model. But that’s not what customers want. Better to identify a need and then find a name to meet it.

    My two cents….

  21. says

    Hello Owen,

    My two cents….

    All of this is great info. I agree. Its just that facts and figures do not always take into consideration Human response.

    Consumer Human response will render gTLDs useless because they will only transact on trusted .COM sites.

    They may happen onto a gTLD site and find it of interest but when it comes to pulling out their wallet they click on a .COM site to make their purchases.

    Its tough to fight Human response.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  22. Grim says

    I read all the comments, and forgot what the original post was about or why I was here.

    That’s why I recommend to 9 out of 10 of my non-domainer friends.

  23. says

    Hello Grim,

    You may enjoy an article in todays newspaper on Google Glasses.

    Seems there are those who are more than willing to sacrifice their privacy as well as others in wearing these highly Geeky Surveilance devices.

    Now we are all comforted to know that there will be Google glass Drones flirting among us.

    1984 here we come ?

    The Tech junkies will eat this up and wear them, not knowing that its like having Stupid Branded just above the Google Goggles on their foreheads.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact group0 (Metal Tiger0

  24. Grim says

    @Jeff Schneider

    Although I’m not sure where the discussion on Google Glass came in, (I must not have been paying attention), here is my humble assessment, as someone who has worked as a tech and marketing consultant for startups mostly here in Silicon Valley plus other parts of the world for over 30 years.

    Google Glass will sell to a niche techie market. I’m a techie. But I have no interest in Glass. So that says right there, the market will be small. A guy working on a farm in Idaho will not be part of its market. Or the person stocking shelves at your local supermarket. Will Google care? Not very likely. Glass is basically an experiment, as many products Google creates are.

    Now when Glass becomes something that isn’t noticeable, like a contact lens or a direct implant into the iris, I’m sure then it will pick up steam. For now, it appears that many people will tend to shun people who wear Google Glass, as it gives them a sense of loss of privacy. I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable having a conversation with someone wearing Google Glass, especially after my 6th Jack & Coke at a bar. (Actually, I might begin to find it humorous at that point, which likely wouldn’t result in the most complimentary video on YouTube the next day.)

    Anyway, my iPhone does everything I need. I don’t want to look like a nerd or hipster wearing Google Glass, which is what anyone wearing it will look like.

  25. says


    Jeff Schneider is a borderline genius, if not completely. You people should probably pay closer attention to (and respect more) his words of wisdom.

    Thank you, Mr. Schnieder, for all that you share here.

  26. says

    The perfectly tailored Marketing tool to attract the largest Marketing Demographic is NOT the .Whatevers.

    The largest richest Marketing demographic is the Baby boomers.

    The Baby Boomers are firmly entrenched purchasers on (.COM Profit Centers ).

    Trying to fight this powerfull Demographic is like trying to

    (–iss up a rope )

    Gratefully, Jeff schneider (Contact Group) (Metal tiger)

  27. says

    @ WorldStarJobs

    Thanks for standing up for my opinions that some Anarchists are employing as Trolling pressures on Michael to kick me off this Blog.

    What truths are they afraid of ?

    I am glad to bring up Marketing truths for End-Users benefits, despite their trolling efforts.

    Thanks again, and others who feel the same way speak up before Tyranny ruins this Blog.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  28. LM says

    Its a pity Jeff doesn’t go paste his unceasing diatribes on actual marketing blogs and Fortune500 corp forums where the potential buyers of these golden virtual profit foundation tigers are – cos regurgitating the same old nonsense here throughout the day this is just preaching to the choir for the most part.

  29. says


    I agree to that with the .com’s. With for now and many to come, we will see ??? The foundations for the monies will be not for them but with it and now to be/ we will laugh then !!!

    Thank you for sharing the ideas ??? And for helping to us ???

    – WSJ

  30. Louise says

    Dominican Republic ccTLD dot DO is not on that list, but is doing okay, even on a search for, “any:”

    It’s result #5 on page 1, from my desktop. is another startup raising cash.

    Intelligent To Do List App Any.DO Raises $3.5 Million, Will Further Expand Into Personal Productivity Space is owned by someone in China. Maybe he sold it, because it’s not resolving!

    Who would build on dot do? @MHB, would you create a poll? Thanx! 😀

  31. 3D is my life says

    I posted in another thread that is the top ranked site for the term “good,” beating out a well established Dot IS is not on the list above but the results of this particular site demonstrate that localization factors based on cctld origin probably only play a small role and one that is dimishing and can be overcome by other factors, i.e., whois contact info, location of server, origin of backlinks, source of traffic.

    It would make sense to give a boost to a site operating on their cctld in the home country but penalizing it anywhere else serves no purpose when the other factors clearly show that the site’s intended audience is not limited to the home country of the cctld. Google seems to be opening things up for these cctlds.

  32. Louise says

    @3D is my life, thanx – I bookmarked your comment in my Develop bookmarks, because you highlighted some good – no pun intended! – algorithm considerations: “location of server, origin of backlinks, source of traffic.” Dot IS is Iceland! Cool site – a global endeavor for community. I notice, has its twitter handle, @good which appears page 1, #3. It has 866,943 followers – certain to give the dot is authority.

  33. says

    I learned throughout the years that Google and Matt Cutt have 2 mouths, they say one thing but yet they do another… perhaps to a-peace the “Non dot com crowd” or not to give algorithm’ secrets/hints out, whatever is the case some extensions have been in that infamous list for at least 18 months and that has been a “non-factor” it hasn’t helped them “AT ALL” form a SEO perspective …

    such as: .info . .pro .biz .travel and nearly defunct .mobi and .tel etc etc
    so…how much has that helped them?

    Feb 2012
    http://web.archive .org/web/20120227023429/

    Likewise this is the same scenario when Google Dei states “urls with exact match keywords” are not or less relevant … Baloney! they do matter… always have always will…

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