10 New Objections Filed: Google & Donuts Get Hit On Goo: .Coach

10 new Legal Rights Objections to gTLD applications have been filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),  hitting Google and Donuts among others.

Google was hit with an objection for the new gTLD .Goo by NTT Resonant Inc which operates a internet search engine and web portal based in Japan, which crawls and indexes primarily Japanese language websites known as Goo.

Donuts was hit with an objection by Coach, Inc., the fashion company, which has its own new gTLD application submitted for .Coach

The Dish Network objected to the application of its main competitor, Directv for the new gTLD .direct

Afilias was hit with two objections one by Blue Cross and Blue Shield for .Blue and one by the Canadian Real Estate Association for .MLS

Here is the list of objections hitting the WIPO site today


.coach  Coach, Inc.  Koko Island, LLC aka Dozen Donuts, LLC aka Donuts, Inc  Legal Rights Objection  March 8,2013  Pending
 .academy  Academy, Ltd., d/b/a Academy Sports + Outdoors  Half Oaks, LLC  Legal Rights Objection  March 11, 2013  Pending
 .blue  Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (“BCBSA”)  Afilias Limited  Legal Rights Objection  March 12, 2013  Pending
 .direct  The DirecTV Group Inc.  Dish DBS Corporation  Legal Rights Objection  March 12, 2013  Pending
 .mls  The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)  Afilias Limited  Legal Rights Objection  March 12, 2013  Pending
 .merck  Merck KGaA  Merck Registry Holdings, Inc.  Legal Rights Objection  March 12, 2013  Pending
 .merck  Merck KGaA  Merck Registry Holdings, Inc.  Legal Rights Objection  March 13, 2013  Pending
 .merckmsd  Merck KGaA  MSD Registry Holdings, Inc  Legal Rights Objection  March 13, 2013  Pending
 .goo  NTT Resonant Inc.  Charleston Road Registry Inc.  Legal Rights Objection  March 13, 2013  Pending
 .yellowpages  Hibu (UK) Limited  Telstra Corporation Limited  Legal Rights Objection  March 13, 2013  Pending

Prior to today only one Legal Rights Objection had been filed on the new gTLD .delmonte



  1. Paul Omego says

    Yes the dot com is king,but you can only see the true value of a king where there is Queen or other subordinate in a community….and you know the king cannot do all the jobs alone….cheers

  2. Grim says

    Paul, .COM is a confirmed bachelor and a cool loner who goes by the nickname of ‘Fang.’

    Either that or BullS was just speaking metaphorically.

  3. Paul Omego says

    I believe that dot com will still take a good lead in the race and the new gtld will help to cover some wholes in some categories where the dot coms have already been taken….

    CoZa Nic, i think the new gtld may crash just as you have anticipated though i still hold onto my NewgTLDnames.com and NewgTLDprice.com and they can still be available to who ever is interested to own them. cheers.

  4. dwrixon says

    Your Dot Com King is about to spawn an Empire, and it all happening in front of your eyes and you cannot even see it.

  5. says


    You have it Bass Ackwards = R.E. = ” Your Dot Com King is about to spawn an Empire, and it all happening in front of your eyes and you cannot even see it.

    ( You are going to look very silly, as this Cheap Suit called Closed monopoly TLD continues to UNRAVEL. JAS 3/21/13 )

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact group0 (Metal Tiger)

  6. Paul Omego says

    Well,i think everybody has his or her own view about this dot com king thing and the new gtld,but which ever way it goes,am still on business as i have already position myself and business for the outcome

  7. says

    Hello Paul,

    You and lots of others have been victims of the purest form of legal Extortion on record. This whole Closed Monopoly TLD thing has so much Bad P.R. already, can you imagine the shit storm ahead, once people figure this whole contrived thing out?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. says

    Jeff you’ll need to find another foundation upon which to base your arguments. The closed monopoly tld’s will never see the light of day. If some do, it will be a very small number. The GAC is in the process of putting together their hitlist, which is one month overdue. Closed generics will be big targets on that list, as indicated by the Early Warnings from Australia.

    I said many months ago the GAC was going to play a much bigger role in this process than anyone expects, and it appears to be so. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number of GAC ‘problematic applications’ to number several hundred, with every closed generic on that list.

    I also think we might see a delay of several weeks in first delegation due to contract negotiations, and slow GAC response.

    Closed generics will not be the downfall of New gTLDs as there will be scant few.

  9. Paul Omego says

    dot travel , dot pro, dot mobi and others were introduced in the past,but from my own judgement they could not stop the dot com,though they got their own little market share,so i think this new gtld will only succeed to gain little market share just like the previous …but dot com will still take the lead for a long time.

    The future will tell,what matters most to me is to position myself and business for which ever way it goes.

  10. says

    The important thing that we overlook, and which we should all be concerned about, is that the gTLDs, and their imminent failure, or partial take-up, is going to totally spoil the industry.
    Users will be completely confused and will probably just stay away from domains as a whole… .. except for the freeloaders of course.

    Domainers have previously been complacent and have lost huge market share, especially to corporates.

    Domainers need to stand together and formulate a strategy instead of aggressively gloating over their own little “precious”… like golom!

  11. Paul Omego says

    Very correct Dom Nics, the new gtld will get people confused,but the confusion will not make people stay away from domain completely,rather it will make people want to concentrate on the dot com, dot net,dot org and dot tv and others.

    I cant wait to see what is going to happen when soon when the new gtlds are out,i think it will be an interesting experience,Though i dont plan to invest much in the new gtld program…but i will love to see how it works

  12. says

    Dom Nics:
    it’s already happening, bound to get worse .

    Sadly domainers dream of the upcoming new gTLd’s as another Gold rush when in reality the only people that will make serious money will be registries and registrars (“shovel and picks”) and a few high level consultants (entities high up on the feeding chain)…

    The “dumb and dumber” money (Greater Fool Theory) will be disbursed/diluted and the premium “public” names as always will be hoard by few…

  13. says

    @ All reality based commentors,

    The Search Engine Drones, whose list is wide, will profit by this. I agree D.A.A. for Closed Monopoly TLD Hoax.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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