Verisign Over 1,300 .Com & .Net Pope Domains Registered

A few days ago the world’s largest domain registrar reported that 479 Pope related domain names were registered within the first hour after the announcement.

Today the .com/.net Registry Verisign reported that “between the time Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation and the choosing of Pope Francis I, there were more than 1,300 new domains registered across the .com and .net top level domains with keywords related to the papacy”.

On a related note the Chicago lawyer Chris Connors, who registered the domain name three years ago is going to give the domain to the Roman Catholic Church.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Connors contacted officials in the Chicago Archdiocese, and Cardinal George told the Tribune on Friday that he had received the message and was delighted to hear the news.

Of course the Godaddy report included other domain registered with not only the .com and .net extensions and of course only at




  1. BrianWick says

    So clearly I am not off too far – so far – as to my $25K prediction of how much would be spent on pope related domains.
    So this attorney will be the source for domain charitable donations – because he has real skin in in now

  2. says

    I don’t like this whole Pope domain thing. Donating the name to the Pope is the best way to end it all. Kudos to mr. Connors.

  3. BrianWick says

    The important thing is the has now been reserved – now that is the best $75 investment someone can make – yes

  4. says

    @Mike- in our next life, you and I going to reg all the one word domain and we gonna control the internet!! the rest will reg pigeon shit domains.

  5. says

    I registered two domains that have something to do with papacy history. Both of these keywords are searched exactly 1,600 and 4,400, respectively.

    In my opinion, any domains with pope, unless it is like The Pope, The New Pope, New Pope, and other pope-related domains which identify with the history of the Pope, are not a good investment.

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