The New Pope Is Jorge Bergoglio & the Domain Was Registered Just a Month Ago

A new pope has been elected and its Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires Argentina

I’m told by the bookmakers in Europe that the election of the new Pope is one of the most wagered on events.

Of course there is more ways to “bet” on the new pope other than placing a wager in your local book, there is the domain name way of playing the lottery.

So the new Pope is Jorge Bergoglio and the domain name was just registered back on February 11th by Romir Melo of Barboursville, Virginia.

So now that Romir Melo won the pope domain lottery what exactly does he/she win?

The pope shortly will take a name for which from now on he will be known by and that name is mostly likely not going to be owned by Melo.

Of course just the few days of traffic the domain receives will pay dividends many times over for the domain holder except that it doesn’t seem to have any monetization in place and the clock is ticking on the domain.

For what its worth ICANN seems to be ahead of the curve as its already selected Buenos Aires Argentina as the site of its fall 2013 meeting


  1. BrianWick says

    So given the folks I know probably spent $500 on speculation for the new pope’s name – that means probably $25K or more was spent by speculators this conclave – .com’s and’s.
    This is what owning a new registry is all about – suckers buying (oops investing in) garbage :)

  2. says

    Well for the small investment of 40 euro’ s just got a few…who knowsssss

  3. says

    Brian exactly. Just as people and corps will run to GoDaddy after super bowl find the name they want taken and jump on an offer to reg it in a new extension. Very little risk or expense to consumer. As for the Pope’s name, gamble on any aspect of the Pope’s life at your own peril. He may have struck gold but may also be sleeping above the next sinkhole to open.

  4. BrianWick says

    “Damn and I had all my money invested in pope snoop dogg”

    So Michael – Snoop Lion – The person formally known as Snoop Dogg
    Had to wait a day…i is actually mind boggling that no one picked up on that :)

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