Sports.TV Sold to Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios

The domain name Sports.TV has been sold to Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios of Los Angeles California.

The price was not disclosed.

The domain was listed for sale back in November of 2012 in a Domainstore.TV newsletter for $650,000.

The sale is under NDA so we don’t know what the purchase price of the domain is, but we do know that the buyer of Sports.TV owns one of the best .TV domain portfolios in the world.

We covered Bryon Allen’s company back in October 2010 and we noted at that Mr. Allen’s company not only owned some of the best possible .TV domains in the world,  but has built a traditional media business around them.

Entertainment Studios produces numerous television shows  with the matching .TV domain,  which run around the United States on Syndicated basis, including:, Pets.TV, Recipe.Tv, Cars.TV and

You can now add Sports.TV to this incredible list of domains.

It would be a fair guess to think we will see a Sports.TV show in the future coming from Entertainment Studios

In case you missed it here is what we had to say back in October 2010 about Mr. Allen’s Company:

“”Byron Allen has done something most domainers can only dream of.

Marry great .TV domain names with actual on air broadcast television shows.

Some of the domains Mr. Allen’s company owns are, Pets.TV, Recipe.Tv, Cars.TV and

All but are actual television shows running in syndication on on broadcast television around the country.

Bryon Allen’s company is called Entertainment Studios, Inc. “owns Six 24-Hour HD Networks, CARS.TV, PETS.TV, RECIPE.TV, COMEDY.TV, MYDESTINATION.TV and ES.TV”

“The Television division produces, distributes, and sells advertising for 18 television programs, making it the largest independent producer/distributor of first-run syndicated television programming for broadcast television stations.”

Chairman and CEO Byron Allen founded the company in 1993. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it has offices in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Raleigh.”

Now if you over a certain age your probably saying to yourself, Bryon Allen, that name sounds familiar.

According to, in 1979, Mr Allan was named one of the hosts of the weekly NBC television series Real People.

After that series was canceled in 1984, he returned to stand-up comedy, and in 1989, became the host of a weekly syndicated late-night interview program in the mold of The Tonight Show called The Byron Allen Show, which ran until 1994.

In 1993, his talk show, Entertainers with Byron Allen, premiered

Interesting that Mr. Allen has seemed to build a broadcasting powerhouse all around .TV domains.

“”I’m going to make a very early nomination for Mr. Allen and his company for the “We Get It” TRAFFIC award for next year.”

I’m going to second that nomination this year.




  1. MainPortfolio says

    Wow it may be a coincident. This post is about and the above comment is about

    And I own and :)

  2. Louise says

    What the major studios/networks/broadcasters don’t get, leaves the field wide open for smart Byron Allen – good for him! Looks like he owns as well.

  3. says

    The channels and the content are TERRIBLE … and for the most part way “out of target”

    I visted pets dot Tv and got a “Pancetta” recipe video. (Salty pork belly)… no kidding.

    I refreshed and got a “wild cat” refuge ad … uuuuh?

    thee third time I got a promo for “justice for all”

    None had anything to do with pets.

    Then I went to recipes dot TV and arrived to a some comedian wanna-be video.

    How are they making money?

    I think this is the case of a investor that has more money than common sense…

  4. Louise says

    How are they making money?

    There is a whale-watching expedition captured on video for when you select, here: @ Domo Sapiens, If you don’t like it, then your heart is a rock. It’s the kind of programming I like to see. But I mostly linger on HGTV and the Food network, the odd episode of Seinfeld, and CNBC, for the comedic value. just signed a distribution deal with the National Cable Television Operative.

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