The Age old Question Is Answered: Sells For More Than

For thousands of years people have argued about things like, Sin and gambling?

Now at least in domain name terms we have an answer, not as to which is worse, but to which is more valuable.

The domain name just sold on for $16,587

The domain name got purchased for a mere $12,877.

Here are a few other notable sales from just got sold for just $2K

Better to be a sinner than a wise Owl I guess. sold for $8,500, the only Chaz I’m aware of is Chaz Bono, no I’m not going to go there went for $3,376 about 1/5 the price of, no I’m not going to go there either. went for $3,727 ( I always thought it was and people say I’m a bad speller) sold for $2,750 sold for $2,654 went for just $1,466 went for $1,416 went for $1,312 sold a week ago for $7,100 (wee)

and sold for a reasonable $6,766










  1. says

    Hi MHB,

    Well here we go again with your endless littany of Headlines meant to psychologically degrade the .COM Brand valuations in order to lift, .Whatever valuations in consumers minds.. Any Marketing Analyst knows the psychological impressions Bold Headlines leave on the psyche of unsuspecting consumers.

    But really MHB your pretzel logic used in this headline is a poor choice in its attemp to get your point across. Your two totally unrelated left of Dot names in your Bold Heading are a joke, as far as being comparable.
    Really MHB you need to be more convincing than manipulative.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. says

    @Jeff i dont really see the comparison either

    a lot like i dont understand why you act like you’re a big .com domain owner

    but i understand Rick Shwartz new mini me posts, they’re bullshit on top of bullshit

    billionaire friends, build wealth for generations, 2k day for copywriting, closing down businesses to work on, rick is his mentor and frank is brilliant (suck suck),
    in fact i posted something similar at rickspropoganda dont com and with an opposing opinion of it didnt get posted, go figure! i just got tired of reading mini schwartzs posts being re hashed ad nauseum and said i’ll watch it unfold on the tv instead lol

    really if generics are so valuable why does it have to be screamed from the top of buildings with outlandish predictions that might could or wont come true that is out of all of our hands

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