The .Co Super Bowl Ad Is Very Much About Being A Domainer: Here You Go

The .Co Superbowl has been sneaked released and the tag line is not doubt “Sky Waitress”

Someone registered the .com and .co of the term and no it wasn’t me.

The concept of the ad is very domainer oriented, which is just because you have the great next idea don’t assume that other people all around the world won’t have the same idea, at basically the same time, and reminds everyone that the first to get and register the domain owns it, something that every domainer can appreciate

So if you have the next great idea, run don’t walk, and register it before someone else does

Very domainer like and no Joan Rivers.


Here is the ad

Click here to watch

no sense using my bandwidth.



  1. says

    Brilliant ad, BUT it’s the exact reason why DOT COM is the way to go. Being first with a dot CO, but NOT getting the dot COM means you’ll end up advertising for someone else!

  2. says

    …” Being first with a dot CO, but NOT getting the dot COM means you’ll end up advertising for someone else!”

    20th century thinking that is really not as concrete as it was back then now that younger generations are emerging that are familiar and comfortable with other extensions. The old makes way for the new here and the board who funded the commercial knows it…

  3. says

    a bit “politically incorrect” IMO, not sure if that is the intention .
    Bob seems to love controversy…
    boobs, Dead Elephants, SOPA etc etc

    the owner of the dot com will be pleased.

    o .co part deux

  4. BrianWick says

    @Paul –
    “Says a domainer.”

    No – …says UDRP decisions, UDRP Panalists, ACPA, Lanham, Federal Courts and corporate america in general – and therefore the consumer – but you guys in the .co nation “know” so much more than me – so get those credit cards maxed out, get that second mortgage, liquidate the retirement and clean out your bank account and buy up those “hip” .co’s – you might even get a christmas card from Jaun Calle :)

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