Is Offering $.50 New Domains Registrations On .Com, .Net .Org + is offering new registrations for just $.50 for any .com, .net., .org, .info .biz or .us domain name.

The offer is being advertised on Google.

Here is the offer.

Here is the fine print:

“LIMITED TIME OFFER. Offer valid for new customers in the US and Canada only, limited to a total of three domains. Upon expiration, all products will be renewed at the then current price”.

During the checkout process you can decline auto renew.

However the system defaults for privacy and another service which will add $10 to the registration but you can easily remove those choices.

Be aware that although the ad may come up even if you search for other domain extensions like .tv (do a Google search for:(whois .tv domain and you should see the ad (US & Canada) the special price only applied to the six extensions mentioned above.

Since the wholesale cost of a domain name to registrars is over $8 including the ICANN fee I’m not sure if is taking the potential $24 loss on each sale plus the cost of advertising the promo or if they are getting a special deal through Verisign.

Either way I haven’t seen a $.50 .com registration price in a very, very long time.





  1. jose says

    i think godaddy has done one recently

    also, namecheap yesterday had $3,99 registration and transfers for top gTLDs (limited to 50 domains per account)

    are you sure wholesale costs for registrars are above $8 ?

  2. joeblog says

    Simple lead generation to drum up upsells..

    Put in a fake phone number unless you want to be harassed by a canadian “sales team” calling you

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