Top 50 Most Requested New gTLD’s Domain Names: The One With The Most Apps Is 49th

United Domains announced this week that it has pre-registered over 1,000,000 new gTLD’s domain names.

Below are the top 50 new gTLD’s extensions and the number of pre-registrations for each new gTLD.

As we always do we point out that there is no cost to pre-register a new gTLD, no obligation to actually register it even if you do pre-register it and pre-registering obviously doesn’t guarantee in anyway you will get the domain.

Interestingly the new gTLD with the most number of applications .App which has 13 applications is way down on the list at number 49 with only a little over 5,000 pre-registrations.


  1. says

    In case anybody is interested:

    Free account/Free Non-binding Pre-regs…Delete anytime

    Pre-registering a new domain name is simple and easy. Once you set up a free account, simply search for names that you are interested in. Add those names to your cart and we’ll add them to a list in your account. There is nothing binding about pre-registrations, so you can change your mind and delete names from your account if you decide you’re no longer interested in them.

    How much substance those numbers hold?

  2. says

    I agree “interesting” at best…
    but one single person could had placed 1000 .web pre-regs…

    .web sound so antediluvian…really.

    Nobody says “the web” anymore, not even an old fart.

  3. says


    Many inside the ICANN circle think that .web will be the most valuable since its quite generic and could theoretically be the biggest threat to .com

    Not saying I agree with it, that is just the feeling that many have

  4. Grim says

    I just typed in “www.thedomains.web” into my browser’s address bar, and it just doesn’t look right for some reason. Since the “www” part of the address already means “world wide web,” it’s kind of redundant.

    As far as the numbers are concerned, and the easy no-obligation way as to how they were created, I’d look at them for ‘entertainment purposes’ only. If .WEB or any of the others do become successful, it will likely be for defensive purposes only, much like .CO, .NET, and .ORG are. So, more money to waste. The registrars will be the only ones making out good in this scam, er, deal.

  5. says

    Per app., that will be the prize (if this gTLD has legs). Already greater mobile usage across apps, than via the Internet. Why Google did not invest more in pushing for faster, better HTML5 mobile sites, in conjunction w/ Android (open-source, Linux-like) platform is beyond comprehension. The biggest chink in the Google ATM arsenal.

  6. Grim says

    I’ll go out on a limb and say that .APP will likely be a waste. Even the biggest brands in the app community have websites with Alexa ranks over 100K. People don’t tend to browse the Internet with their mobile devices looking for apps, they go to the various app stores to see what’s new or being promoted.

    .APP may make money as a defensive registration, (yet again), or as an extension for newbies to app development, but besides that, I haven’t heard any talk about it from established developers.

  7. accent says

    Look at the drop off:
    1) .WEB 123,801
    4) . HOTEL 29,642 (about 24% of #1)
    13) LONDON 11,541 ( about 9% of #1)

    Did about 5000 people pre-register all extensions? Either way there are not 1000 new domains to challenge .Com, there are a handful with any significant interest.

    I expect most of the better names to be locked up for corporate use and to prevent competition. Once an extension is sold to the public then it becomes a major problem to take it private again.

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