Who Are Simonas Balnys & Bill Everett & Why Do They Keep Sending Offers & Never Respond?

As a large domain portfolio owner I get lots of offers and lots of spam.

Most the spam I can get rid of by marking it Junk and all future emails that follow will go to the junk file.

I don’t take moving someone to Junk lightly as I expect once I place them in that folder they will have no further access to me and I to them.

So apart from obvious spam and phishing I don’t assume anything is Junk until it proves itself to be Junk.

One of the quickest ways to get on my Junk list is to send me offers, many offers and then not respond once I quote a price.  I usually will respond to offers from the same address 5 times but after that its clearly

But in a few cases I can’t get rid of the unwanted emails

In this case its the 20+ emails from  Simonas Balnys inquiring about one word .com that we own.

I responded with prices and never got a counter offer a drop dead, a your out of your mind and certainly not a deal

Why these offers continue to pour in I have no idea.

Interestingly although placing these emails in my Junk folder time and time again they are still getting through, not sure what they are doing on their end but these emails are like herpes you can’t get rid of them.

For the record Simonas email is balnyssimonas@gmail.com.

Mr Everett sends me several emails a week and has since at least June of 2012.

Never got a response and offer and certainly not a sale.

Mr. Everett email address is bill.everett3@gmail.com

Anyone else getting a crazy amount of emails from these guys.


  1. BrianWick says

    Usually I respond with:
    “Well someone once offered me $23.16 for the domain – do you really think it is worth that much ?”

    Just gave that response to Bill Everett for his spam inquiry for Dola.com

  2. says

    Here’s the pitch that Simonas sends out:

    —— start pitch ———
    Dear (insert domain).com owner,

    I noticed you were the registered owner of (insert domain).com. We are always searching for potential domain names that could be a fit for our domain investors. Is your domain currently being offered for sale? What is your asking price for the domain?

    Based on your response, we will let you know if your domain may qualify for presentation to our domain investors.
    —— end pitch ————

    I noticed that a “Lanelle Barber” sends out emails using almost the identical language (except that “she” started to add “Price is required” at the end of the pitch; previously, the pitch was exactly the same).

  3. says

    Ha! Based on what George just posted, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy’s putting together a list for his own sites, marking up the prices, but NOT telling visitors to his aftermarket site that he doesn’t actually own any of the “listings” he has delineated thereon.

    He’s probably one of those trying to look bigger than he really is.

    Of course, all of this is my mind spinning what’s on this page and may have nothing to do with reality at all. I’m like that.


  4. confer says

    Found this email from Sept 2012:


    My name is Simonas.

    I’ve noticed that You own vehicle related website.

    I want to offer You Vehicles.com domain. Vehicles.com owners are looking for people who might be interested in buying their domain name.

    Vehicles.com owners are asking for $2,000,000.00 USD for their domain name.

    If You would be interested in buying this domain name, or You have any
    questions, please respond to my email.

    @Danny Pryor

    … it appears something along the lines of what you described above MIGHT be what is behind all the domain price inquiries some of you are getting.


  5. says

    I’m always surprised when someone thinks they can do this without people finding out. That said, I know at least one fairly well-known person in the industry who got started doing stuff like this – he had backed out on an agreed-upon deal with me because his “partner” on the domain inexplicably backed out despite a fixed price and it was apparent he didn’t actually own or co-own it. I guess this is the sort of thing some people do when the normal avenues of success don’t work out for them – professionalism goes out the window.

    I think it’s too easy to figure it out these days for someone to get away with it for very long though. Hopefully Simonas will realize how poorly this reflects on him and stop doing it.

  6. jose says

    yep. i got some from them too. i am also getting spam from an annoying chinese guy/girl that keeps requesting prices from my numeric domains with very badly written english. uses domain owned based emails and keeps changing them. whois shows:
    liu, liu qian bdknives@foxmail.com
    china xiamen
    xiamen, fujian 10000

  7. BrianWick says

    The Chinese love their numbers:
    At least 1 a day from the same group (many using qq.com as well) for 1159.com.

    It is just part of the business :)

  8. bnalponstog says

    Have gotten so jaded I nearly missed two what I now believe are legit inquiries.

    Sometimes they are not easy to distinguish.

  9. says


    we have also received an email from Simonas Balnys and have answered:

    Dear Simonas,

    The selling prices from domain names are very different due to different facts: business potential, term, length, retention, traffic diversion and much more. Therefore we specify for the premium domain name “console.com” no purchase price but based on the console.com facts (online at http://www.console.com) and the selling prices from comparable domain names (also online at http://www.console.com/price.htm) we invite interested companies to send an offer via fax or email to us as basis for more negotiation talks.

    Best regards

    Has anyone any any info about this guy?

    Best regards


  10. JNet says

    In the earlier part of last year (and possibly back into 2011) Simonas was hired & employed by Morgan Linton… it was written on his blog that Simonas was “Director of Sales” for Linton Investments…..
    Then towards the latter part of 2012 Simonas was engaged as some sort of out-sourced sales/marking associate for Domain Holdings… I responded to 2 of his E-mails on domains he was “selling” …and on both of them I got responses from Peter Brooks of Domain Holdings and not from Simonas… I believe Peter B has since left DH

  11. says

    I once send an unrelated question to one of those e-mail address and I actually got a human to respond. This led me to believe it is more than simple spam or phishing. Someone(or more than one person) is programmatically collecting information about domain owners and associate legit e-mail addresses to the domain name.

    The best way to handle it is to mark it junk and ignore it.

  12. JNet says

    Bill Everett surfaces again in my InBox… asked what price I would be willing to “let go of a domain for”
    My relpy”

    “Let’s Do Lunch”

  13. says

    I just responded to Bill Everett with this:
    “I could sure use $20″

    immediately, I got a response “I could sure give you $20″

    So, there is a human attached to these.

    …and no, I did not sell the generic domain for $20… lol

  14. says

    Please watch out!
    When receiving mails from these people about domains they want to sell, the domains which are not yours are 90% virus infected.

    Do not go to those links or sites, unless you are using an up to date virus scanner that will block the site.

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