Breaking: Demand Media Acquires

Demand Media, Inc. (DMD) , announced the acquisition of Denver-based an ICANN accredited registrar with almost 1.5 Million domains under registration

“The acquisition is intended to expand Demand Media’s platform as it prepares for the historic release of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) this year”.

Demand Media applied for 26 new gTLD’s itself, and is a partner with Donuts, Inc. in another 100 of its new gTLD applications.  Demand Media, Inc. is also the backend provider for all of the new gTLD registries that Donuts will be awarded. was founded in 2003.

“Demand Media’s eNom subsidiary has over 13.5 million domain names on its platform registered by over 8,800 resellers and partners.

“ will provide a direct channel for us to reach consumers and small businesses as they develop and manage their online identities,” said Richard Rosenblatt, chairman and CEO, Demand Media. “This becomes even more valuable as over one thousand new domain extensions are expected to become available for registration in the years ahead.”

“Demand Media will retain the Denver-based team and the business will report to Taryn Naidu, executive vice president, Registrar Services. “Our strategy is to provide an end-to-end solution for all things domains — whether you are looking to consume or distribute names and services,” said Naidu. “ brings innovation, creativity and a deep commitment to their customers – factors which we believe are essential in the environment of new gTLDs.”

The press release did not contain any details on the deal, how much Demand paid for and if the price was paid in cash and/or stock.

We will check out how this deal plays out on Wall Street when the market opens.



  1. says

    I’m not sure if this is good for, Its going to change the way name runs, though they said they will leave it along, No company will.

  2. jose says

    damn! why can these guys leave it alone? here we go again with another great service going to be reduced to the least common denominator.

  3. says

    recently downgraded to a sell by Goldman Sachs.
    currently $9.48
    -0.13 -1.35%
    Classic: Buy on the Rumor, Sell on the News

    last week had a huge mishap/system error that allowed customers to renew .net’s for up to 10 years for free, I believe ten of of thousands of dollars in transactions had to be reverted.

  4. says


    “”Last week had a huge mishap/system error that allowed customers to renew .net’s for up to 10 years for free, I believe ten of of thousands of dollars in transactions had to be reverted.””

    Is this personal knowledge or where did you see this.

  5. jose says

    it was a bug with a promo code. they set it up for $0 registrations and it is being rumored that several people got to use the promo code on hundreds of domains.

  6. bnalponstog says

    Good catch, Domo.

    I imagine some folks expecting all that for nothing will be getting a reality check, make that a reality bill.

  7. BrianWick says

    “make that a reality bill.”
    dont think so – a promo is a promo

    all they are going to get is very bad vibes – unless they want to pay a bill they do not have to pay

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