“Pausing” Affiliate Program Effective January 12th

We just received this notice from, the company administrating the affiliate program.

According to the notice “”On Friday January 12th the NameJet links will Pause tracking referrals”

“Payouts for all referrals made prior to January 12th 2013 will be tracked and commissioned as normal”.

Sounds like the affiliate program is stopping, effective January 12, 2013 with them giving a weeks notice.

The program started back in June of 2012.

Since there is no date for restart set in the notice looks like is calling it a day on the program for quite some time.

We will let you know if there is any change



  1. says


    Well then you don’t read the domains everyday


    The programs was to bring non-traditional domain channel (end users) to the platform, by offering higher payouts to publications that could bring new customers to the service

  2. BrianWick says

    “non-traditional domain channel” – what you really mean is a “tire-kicker” who wakes up with a great idea 13+ years too late with $200 in their pocket wasting your time :)

    “(End Users)” – serious end users just contact the domain owner – and if the domain owner does not get back with them – well – they are not serious.

    My guess is NJ discovered the names behind those affiliate sponsored accounts were already bidders under different handles.

    And in the exception to above: new accounts via affiliate program were not buying any domains

    I mean seriously – since this affiliate program was in place (which I did not know it even existed) – have there been that many more backorders – NO. It is the same 200-300 looking at the same domains.

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