After Buying, Jackness Hits Gold Again With Purchase Of For 80K

He maybe the best domainer you never heard of Michael Jackness.

In May 2011 we reported on how who Mr. Jackness who had just purchased the domain name in January 2011 for $190,000 had flipped the domain for $415,000

Then in July of of 2011 Mr. Jackness purchased for $120,000.

A few weeks later Mr. Jackness company, Terran Marketing  bought another killer domain name for just $120,000

In November 2011 Terran Marketing purchased the domain name for an “amount into the seven figures”

Now Mr Jackness has struck again and acquired this category killer for just $80,000.

The domain which apparently was listed for $150,000 is listed at one time at was scooped up for $80,000 by Mr. Jackness and his apparent partner in the project Mike Kupfer

Congrats again to Mr. Jackness who we may consider for nomination one of these days as domainer of the year.



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    -purchased the domain name for an “amount into the seven figures”

    I picked up the plural for the $70 reg fee back in ’99 so I guess I got a good deal? However, doesn’t even resolve. The company listed as the owner has 2 web site links on their home page. One is and the other is a Tommy the Tank fan web site which is working. It seems unusual to me that they would maintain a Tommy the Tank web site yet not even configure the 7-figure domain.

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    Thanks for the kind works guys! I’m really happy with this purchase and look forward to building it out. Just as a side note, I no longer own, but I do have the others.

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    Unlike all the other deals I’ve done, wasn’t a straight cash purchase. The entire deal was under an NDA, so I really can’t talk about it. If you have questions about any of the other domains I’ve purchased I’m happy to answer them, but was an unique situation.

    Thanks again for writing the original post and the kind words. It was very humbling.

    -Mike Jackness

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