Sells for $50,000 On, Capping Two Weeks of Sales Totaling Over $200K For

The domain name sold today on for $50,000

The auction had 301 bidders and 11 bidders willing to pay $10,000 or more.

Guo is one of the most popular surnames in China.

“The Guo family is one of the well known Hui clans around Quanzhou in Fujian, the other being the Ding family, they are examples of these Hui who identify as Muslim by nationality but do not practice Islam.

Due to more people of these clans identifying as Hui the population of Hui as grown.”

You can read more about its meaning here.

The domain was brokered by which sold over $200,000 in the past two weeks on

Here are the other sales reported in that two week period:

domain sold price $600 $759 $845 $899 $118,888 $3,603 $4,100 $4,406 $900 $5,000 $4,008 $4,433 $601 $760 $5,101 $4,507 $750 $1,311 $900 $4,700 $1,000 $4,233 $13,760 $6,900 $750 $1,100 $1,000 $1,100 $880 $950 $4,302 $4,407



  1. says

    “The Guo family is one of the well known Hui clans around Quanzhou in Fujian”
    i really like that sentence. i only understand about half the words in it but somehow it means something to someone. ca-ching… “that’s all the chinese i know.”

  2. says

    RatHead-as they say, ignorance of Chinese culture is a big loss $$$ to you.

    Opps, I forgot, your head is a rat.

    yum yum yum…delicacy …

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