At $68K & Is At $21K At Will Either Sell?

A couple of interesting domain name auctions over at has a high bid of $65,100.

The domain has not hit the reserve yet.

The domain name closes in two days and is at $21,000

Reserve has not been hit in that domain name either.

I assume reserve to be around $100K is probably around $25K but those are just my guesses.

I case you wondering has the domain appriased at $189K and at $3,300



  1. Grim says was just reg’d (or bought?) in January 2012. It’s smart that the website positions itself to focus on education, and not “computer programs,” which is what immediately came to my mind. But since most programmers, myself included, write “apps” these days, “programs” is an antiquated word that people don’t tend to use anymore.

    Probably would have sold for a lot more before mobile devices became all the rage, and the PC software market was still doing well.

  2. BrianWick says

    domo –
    good point – programs vs. apps
    is the word laptop being replaced with tablet and smartphone – same thing ?

    What about using “programs” vs. government programs or government grants – certainly looks like there is going to be a lot more of that :)

    And in that regard – I am really liking the domain now

  3. Grim says

    Brian, actually “government programs” sounds much more attractive than the “education programs” that the website focuses on. I’m sure, especially now, that more people are interested in what they can get from the government, over what they can get from education.

  4. BrianWick says

    Yes – Grim –
    I can just see ads for “” of CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC :)

    oops – Microsoft is divorcing itself from MSNBC – wonder why – maybe all those “Programs” ?

  5. says

    I think most searches for programs has to do with education, but government programs would be a nice use for it as well. I’m not surprised it’s not relating to software, as apps and software are the terms used these days.

    Interesting to see We sold the .org some time ago. Always thought it was a nice developable phrase.

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