DotFood Starts Its Own Pre-Registration Site For .Food:

According to a press release we received, Dot Food, LLC an applicant for the new gTLD .Food, launched “, a pre- registration and awareness solution for the new .FOOD gTLD”.

“By pre-registering for a .FOOD domain name on FoodDomainia, food retailers and service providers can secure a better, more professional domain name for their business, product, or service. Registrants will be instantly identified as relevant and valuable members of the food industry, will stand out among their competitors and appear stronger to online investors; all the while increasing their Search Engine Optimization.””Any Registrant that holds a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), will have priority over any other Registrant to be awarded the applied-for .FOOD domain. Brand and trademark holders should pre-register early to protect their interest.”

What isn’t discussed in the press release, nor did I find on the site, is that DotFood is just one of three applicants for .Food and therefore DotFood, may not get the TLD.

One of the other applicants is Donuts, Inc, which applied for the largest number of new gTLD strings.

However pre-registrations are free and there are already almost 12,000 domain names pre-registered.

The system is accepting multiple applications for the same domain name.

Expect to see more and more potential new gTLD registries to start their own pre-registrations sites.



  1. says

    Nothing personal but I dont sugar coat, short, too hard to sell .Coms, how are you going to explain to someone they need to pay a premium for .food? and 100 others they have never heard of and their customers will never understand or type in?

  2. Leigh says

    Don’t know how Bona Fide the “Registration” actually is.

    Just tried reging the same domain with them twice under different names and both times it tells me that registration was successfull.

    The domain in question would have been reg’d a thousand time s by now.

  3. says

    Registries in and of themselves should not be starting pre registration sites. They should not be dealing with end users at all. It violates the Registry Code of Conduct.

    While its true that registries can own registrars which can then deal with end users, the two perform distinct and separate functions.

    Registries should have no relationship with end users. There are competition/contractual problems there.

  4. says

    Wouldn’t it be possible to take the pre-reg and sell it to whomever ends up with the string?
    Or maybe this is tasting. If they don’t get enough interest, they pull their application and let the next guy have it.

  5. Louise says

    Pre-registration of New gTLD domains today is comparable to booking passage on a ship that hasn’t been built, has not been approved to be built, and in some cases, may likely never be built.

    – Consumers are Advised Against New gTLD Domain Pre-Registration
    SFGate dot com

    Nice going, @ Tom Giles! Is that your quote in the San Francisco Gate? Your site, newgtldsite dot com is amazing, excited about new gtlds, but pragmatic. I am going to bookmark it for the best source of gtld news and advice! :)

  6. Louise says

    @ Domo, you didn’t like the site? I like it! The header image is a mosaic of new gtlds. But Tom Giles, the owner, put out the press release:

    Consumers are Advised Against New gTLD Domain Pre-Registration

    which doesn’t sound like paid promotion to me!

  7. says

    I personally didn’t like it at all (still having trouble seeing out of one eye) still see all those flashy gTLD icons imprinted in my retina , the twitter link is broken etc etc but I am not any webdesign authority…

    http://www.prweb .com/ = Paid P.R

  8. Louise says

    Variety makes baseball, and to each his own!

    But the author said a cautionary thing about pre-registrations that doesn’t sound like promotion.

  9. says

    @Louise, @Domo

    Thanks for the comments. I’m no web design expert either, just a gTLD enthusiast! I’m glad you like the information Louise, thanks !

    I’ll have someone work with the design elements. The problem is probably the background, which I had doubts about myself. We better check that twitter link too.

    Yes, PrWeb is a paid service. I felt it was important to get the message out. The domain industry media has not been keen on re-tweeting our message, for whatever reason. Nobody said it would be easy :)

    I know from our consumer feedback that the great majority of the people ‘pre-registering’ domains believe they have a legitimate claim. Which is, of course, not true.

    In a time when the ICANN CEO is publicly worried about consumer perception of the industry, it seems the last thing you would want to do is create confusion with misleading information at the outset of public awareness for New gTLDs.

  10. says

    For the record I happen to agree with Tom to a large extent.

    There is nothing to be gained for the consumer by “pre-registering” these domain and can only confuse consumers who think they will get some sort of right or first shot as these domains

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