Charged By The EPA For Overstating Gas Mileage, Hyundai and Kia Register Over 1,700 Defensive Domains Yesterday

Yesterday theĀ  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) charged that automakers Hyundai and Kia overstated the fuel economy on nearly a million late model vehicles

Well the car makers were very aggressive on the domain name front yesterday registering over 1,700 domain names related to the overstated mileage claims and grabbed up all domains names that could be used to attack the companies, including a lot of “class action” type of domain names, which they obviously think will be filed against the car makers.

Included in the registrations were also domains for each model of vehicle made by the car makers subject to the overstated mileage claim.

Here are the domain names registered by a brand protection company on behalf of the car makers.


  1. ketmo says

    protect your market space is number 7 benefit of the domain name certification standard created by my company. Nobody understands that major benefit of owning multiple domain names than someone like myself who was negatively impacted by a rogue busienss partner who quit the company and started their own competing business suing a similar domain name.

    My advice to all domain owners who choose to develop. For gods sake spend the extra $10, $100, in our cans $15,000 grand a year to buy similar names and protect your business from rogue individuals including competitiors and disgruntled customers.

  2. ketmo says


    This should be a wakeup call that answers the pending question How many GTLD names should a company buy to protect its brand.

    Answer IMO: As many as you can afford and feel you need to protect your market space and business name and integrity.

    Ready or not the future is coming! I for one am starting to see this new GTLD program for what it truly is a possibile repeat of the late 1990s Internet dotcom land rush.

    This protective bying spree is just more evidence that yes domain names are still relevant and valuable.

    It is not so much that companies or consumers are begging for thousands more dots but rather that businesses will need to react by buying once the tide rushes in or risk losing face, brand awareness business and profits.

  3. Grim says

    Personally, I find this rather silly. I’m sure someone can easily come up with a variation of a domain that they registered. For example, they have, but they don’t have That’s a rather simple example, but one doesn’t have to be very creative to come up with plenty more, or a name that uses an alternative extension.

  4. Grim says

    Ketmo wrote:
    “This should be a wakeup call that answers the pending question How many GTLD names should a company buy to protect its brand.”

    After awhile, it’s just overkill and not worth worrying about.

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