Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Gets Hit With UDRP On The Generic Domain

Marshall Amplification plc, just filed a UDRP against the quite generic domain name of which is owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration.

The company filing the compliant makes Marshall Amps and their official site is at has a page dedicated to all the different uses for Marshall and Marshall Amps is only one of them, including 18 cities in the US named Marshall.

Marshallmay refer to:

Place names

  • Marshall Islands (also known as “Republic of the Marshall Islands”), an island nation in the Pacific Ocean

In the United States of America:


The domain name is going to a parked page but does not have any refernce to the complaint and does not have any links for Amps or even audio equipment.

Look for another RDNH finding when Mr. Berryhill gets the UDRP decision


  1. says

    Lame attempt to hijack the domain. As you pointed out, there are numerous uses of ‘Marshall’. As long as you are not selling amps you should be ok. It should be a slam dunk win for NA.

    I wonder if they’ve been trying to buy it from NA, and wouldn’t meet the asking price?

  2. BrianWick says

    As of today 2012-11-23

    WIPO Case Number D2012-2046

    Domain name(s)

    Complainant: Marshall Amplification plc
    Decision: Case active

    WHOIS shows a likely settlement that has not been reported yet – the Complainant probably listened to John Berryhill and let free enterprise prevail rather than listening to thier own thugs :)

  3. mrright says

    Correct D S, in legal matters it’s the date of the last owner transfer that is relevant, not when it was registerd in the firstplace.

  4. BrianWick says

    mrright –
    Yes – it has become a convienant lie for some Panels (who will arrive at any conclusion necessary to pay their own bills) that ownership change in a domain resets the clock – where on the PTO (Reality of Real Law) that is not the case.

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