BusinessInsider Covers Domain May Sell For $2 Million

We posted about the domain name and how Apple failed to secure the domain prior to the last Apple event where the product was publicly announced last week.

Now has picked up on the story (unfortunately without giving us any credit) and  is talking about a $2 Million dollars purchase price for the domain.

“Want to feel super jealous of someone who struck gold with a super lucky domain name purchase? is how the article starts.

“”How much would it go for?

Hard to say, but Apple has paid anywhere from $1 million to $10 million for domains it needs. It paid $4.5 million for In a completely unscientific, unsourced discussion in our newsroom, we decided the client is going to walk away with at least a few hundred thousand dollars. The DNSR guy thinks $2 million.”


  1. says

    What do you think Apple will try and do about and if I set up an information site concerning botanical information about Cereal ears ; Seed Pods and Ear Pod Trees ?

    By the way, I have and as web-sites that are for sale.
    They are both TOP of Google list if one enters “visit Qatar” and Visit Dubai” as search terms.

  2. Paul Omego says

    I dont think Apple will come after you,and if they do i dont think you will lose the case. The sites are nice looking,but i dont think it is ideal to build site like Visit Dubai with Dot . I like the



  3. says

    Thanks for your honest opinion.
    It must be remembered that the UK has 62 million people and a big influence in Europe, Africa, Asia and Commonwealth countries.
    I sold the domain to California Travel and Tourism Authority for £1200 Sterling[ too cheaply !] because they wanted the to attract UK tourists to California. They already had as their main site.[ They bought mine SECRETLY through a privately named individual on , without saying who the buyer was ! Hence only £1200]

    After a TV marketing campaign in the UK for costing 5 million dollars over the first 2 years, they announced 2 years later that California had gained 160 million dollars from extra UK tourists to the State, and said it was a HUGE success.

    Another thing, Apple cannot get ICANN to interfere with , even though they could complain about a .net domain if it contravened their Trademark.

    But as, I say, Ears and Pods an Ear Pod Trees are all BOTANICAL entities.

    Come to that……… are apples !!

    Anyway, thanks again.

  4. Paul Omego says

    Hi Visittheworld,I hope you had a nice weekend.
    As I already said,you can build on your ear pods domains with only agric information inside,it is better to develop those type of trade mark domain with a completely different area of information than leaving it just as a domain alone.

    For your GEO DOMAINS,I am not saying that is not good,am only saying it is not ideal in my own opinion to use .co .uk for susch nice key words. It is nice to know that you sold Again in my own opinion is far better than because Carlifornia is with the highest population in US and the domain does not have hyphen on it.Another point as my own views is that it will make more sense to use dot for one word geo domains like Congratulation for that sales of though you should have sold it for more than that amount. Truly i can now understand better why you are visittheworld..LOL.

    I own,Bolzano is an Italian city in Trentino-Alto Adige near the Austrian border; noted as a resort and for its Alpine scenery,it has a broad keyword search result of about 1500,000 and exact monthly search result of about 49,000. This domain has appraisal value of over $13k by,you may confirm that for youeself.Unfortunately am not a developer and dont have time to develop or work this domain just like yours now.

    From what i observed from some of your sites,you have interest and nice ideas for geo domains,therefore i can let you have the domain at waaaay cheap price if you are interested.



  5. says

    Thanks for the info. Sorry, but I am not in the business of purchasing web-sites at the moment; I have far too many domains and web-sites to sell. as you can see , most are geo-domains or travel sites.

    I even have with a small web-site . Another, domain only, is
    Our friend , Mr Mike Berkens of World Wide Media [and this site] , really values domains. He sold for a MEGA $250,000 US if I recall. He also sold for $77,000US. Those were fantastic deals, and it shows the potential value of “visit” domains, which was discussed some time ago on another thread on here.
    Mike, have you sold yet ? That is another good one.

  6. Paul Omego says

    Thanks too for your response,the domains you have just mentioned are all nice names,they worth it,congrats to the sellers.

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