Google Granted Patent To Modify SEO Results Based On “Spamming Techniques”

According to a post in, Google was granted a patent last week, which describes several ways how search results might be reordered based upon “rank-modifying spamming techniques,” may involve techniques such as:

  • Keyword stuffing,
  • Invisible text,
  • Tiny text,
  • Page redirects,
  • Meta tags stuffing, and
  • Link-based manipulation.

The patent is:

Ranking documents
Invented by Ross Koningstein
Assigned to Google
US Patent 8,244,722
Granted August 14, 2012
Filed: January 5, 2010


“A system determines a first rank associated with a document and determines a second rank associated with the document, where the second rank is different from the first rank. The system also changes, during a transition period that occurs during a transition from the first rank to the second rank, a transition rank associated with the document based on a rank transition function that varies the transition rank over time without any change in ranking factors associated with the document.”

“When Google believes that such techniques are being applied to a page, it might respond to them in ways that the person engaging in spamming might not expect. Rather than outright increasing the rankings of those pages, or removing them from search results, Google might respond with what the patent refers to as a time-based “rank transition function.  The rank transition function provides confusing indications of the impact on rank in response to rank-modifying spamming activities. The systems and methods may also observe spammers’ reactions to rank changes caused by the rank transition function to identify documents that are actively being manipulated. This assists in the identification of rank-modifying spammers.”

You will have to check out the entire story for all of the details and implications.



  1. says

    Hello MHB,

    The S.E.O. Alpha Dogs are not going to like this. I hope it puts them out of business for good.
    Talk about a Sleazy business, they take the cake.

    Hopefully this will slow them down, but I have my doubts. Sleaze bags always find a way to pervert a system.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. L says

    I always love how gigantic corps get their patents rubber-stamped, while little guys have to slog it out with asshole examiners who invariably have this obnoxious Aspergers/OCD hybrid that seems to be a prerequisite to work at the USPTO.

    It’s like they encourage mile-wide coverage for big companies but little guys get whittled down to nothing.

  3. says

    The patent only allows them to prevent others from doing the same, they’ve already been doing it for a fair bit now.

    Though how exactly they would enforce something, that is broadly used in some form or the other by almost all search engines since 1997 or so, is beyond me., guess that’s why they have IP law firms.

    Panda & Penguin have seriously changed the serps, shit no longer floats to the top 😉

    Basically in 2012 you can’t game the system, if it’s not organic or social, it will sink, irrespective how much you put into it.

    Google spends a few billion a year, you really think you can outspend them?

  4. Cartoonz says

    This is the same Google that last week said that there were too many useless patents on exactly things like this…

  5. says

    Hello MHB,

    This 5Dtv patent is laughable. Apple seems to think that they can litigate their way to dominance in a medium that obsolesces in a New York minute. I dont care if they get all the patents. They have lost their way and is evident in their relying on Patents instead of true innovation, as Jobs truly mastered. Technology obsolescence is a way of life, and if you stop innovating and creating you have already lost the GAME.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. says

    This is just another way to get rid of a small fish and enhance Giants!
    Some comments on here say that forums and discussions always take a first place?
    Well wake up guy! Have you ever done the SEO?
    Monopoly such as G should be controlled by the Government as they always do what they like to do and ruin people’s lifes.

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