China: “US Must Hand Over Internet Control to the World”

The Government of China said today that the US must hand over control of the Internet to the world.

The Government’s position was made in today daily newspaper, The People’s Daily which “provides direct information on the policies and viewpoints of the Communist Party of China (CPC)“.

Here is the full story of what China had to say:

“”The Internet has become one of the most important resources in the world in just a few decades, but the governance mechanism for such an important international resource is still dominated by a private sector organization and a single country.”

“The U.S. government said in a statement on July 1, 2005 that its Commerce Department would continue to support the work of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and indefinitely retain oversight of the Internet’s 13 root servers.”

“This indicated the U.S. decision to retain ultimate control over the global Internet, which enabled it to unilaterally close the Internet of another country.”

“A suddenly paralyzed Internet would definitely cause huge social and economic losses to the country.”

“More and more countries are beginning to question the U.S. control over the world’s Internet as the international resource should be managed and supervised by all countries together.”

“However, the United States has conducted a pre-emptive strike, and refused to give up control over the Internet in the name of protecting the resource.”

“The refusal reflects its hegemonic mentality and double standards”.

“The United States controls and owns all cyberspaces in the world, and other countries can only lease Internet addresses and domain names from the United States, leading to the U.S. hegemonic monopoly over the world’s Internet”.

Of course this is not the 1st time a country has called for the US to turn control over the domain name system to the UN or blasted ICANN.

In May of this year the House held a hearing on a pending international proposal sponsored by China, Russia, India and Brazil  to turn control of the internet to the UN.

According to story a vote on the proposal maybe taken in Dubai in December during a UN conference.



  1. says

    They are welcome to set up nameservers and systems if they know how to operate them, whether they will get any global support and routing/peering, and customers is another issue entirely. They will not because it would be unnecessary, redundant and expensive and compete with a well vetted scam.

  2. Jay says

    I have to agree with that. There should be some international organization that would control this or simply UN, but not one country, any country. Unless we want other countries to start with creation of new internet and that would be a big mess then.

  3. Jay says

    @Mike Mann

    How many times you have been in China and what business you did and do with China? It is not what it used to be… Thay can to that actually… But we don’t want China to control it, right?

  4. Josh says

    I agree entirely with China. As an Australian based in London, indeed I think that this needs looking at. As a developed country, America have enjoyed taking advantage of an advanced internet infrastructure. Today there are other developed nations with advancing economies which should have equal input in internet growth. America’s status as the world’s Superpower may still exist – but by trying to hold onto something as global as the internet is ludicrous.

    I am disappointed with America’s domination of the internet. I get annoyed at domain name shut-downs and I am increasingly annoyed with ICANN’s decisions and regulations which ultimately control “our” internet. China simply want some control of our internet – and as a future world Superpower, I think they (and ALL nations) are entitled to this. After all, technological advances and online connections are not limited to the United States.

    “…the United States has conducted a pre-emptive strike, and refused to give up control over the Internet in the name of protecting the resource.”

    Sure it won’t be a popular viewpoint on this US-dominated forum, but I’m sorry America, but I don’t think the internet is yours to protect.

  5. BillW says

    From the country that operates the “Great Firewall” and is considered the most hostile and repressive government to supress the internet and any websites they find offensive.'s_Republic_of_China

    Internet censorship in the People’s Republic of China is conducted under a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations. In accordance with these laws, more than sixty Internet regulations have been made by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) government, implemented by provincial branches of state-owned ISPs, business companies, and organizations.[1][2] The apparatus of the PRC’s Internet repression is considered more extensive and more advanced than in any other country in the world. The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals

  6. says

    Sooner than later, China will get what China wants…it is just a matter of time.

    Look, the Miss World is from China.

    on the other hand, Pardon my French….

    F U Francois

  7. SF says

    Eventually, something like this will happen.

    Individual countries will exert more control over “their part” of the Internet, just as they exert control over their own physical borders.

    They have restricted airspace.
    They have territorial waters.
    They have contiguous zone waters.
    They have exclusive economic zone waters.
    They have international waters.
    They have non-sovereign geographic territories.

    Someday, they Will have Cyberborders.

    This cyber territories will be something governments will censor, tax, monitor, limit, exploit, monetize …and fight wars in.

    From a domainers point of view, this has the potential to eventually make country code CCTDLS some of the most valuable domains on the planet.

  8. says

    A free flow of information, managed by the Chinese?

    I think it’s imperative the Internet remain in control of the Commerce Department; however, I believe the USPTO would be vastly superior guardians of the internet, over ICANN.

    The internet system is set up with servers all over the world, even in Holland, not just the US, so the Chinese can’t say the whole system is within the US.

    The USPTO should maintain the internet as they manage a simple slate of business, one of which is issuing Trademarks and it’s done very, very well.

    I ask you to consider if, or when have the USPTO conjured up new sources of revenue, by creating work flow & REVENUE as i.e. tm-engineering or tm-building, tm-sports, etc.

    With an internet run by the USPTO, rather than ICANN, the system would likely garner greater respect, from the worlds business community.

    Please read this passage from an ICANN document, which identifies & confirms their desire for revenue, although their meant to be “not for profit” ….
    Draft Final Report – Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains
    Datum: 16 Mär 2007 ~ GNSO new TLDs Committee

    ICANN staff has …… they assign resources to the highest valued use and they generate revenue.

    The Chinese already own more than enough resources Worldwide, and in the United States, don’t sell out this one two!

    Cheers, Graham.

  9. Josh says

    Unless a major war takes place over this I highly doubt the U.S. will give up control, why? Easy, power it is another sancition or penalty to use against other countries. The only way I see them losing full control is if or when we move to a larger one world type of government, then and only then can I see that happening.

    The U.S. needs to maintain anything it has over the rest of the world to cling to power or have the appearence any ways.

  10. Jp says

    I think it comes down to a business decision for the US. What makes more business sense: to let some international thing control the Internet or to keep it and let everybody make their own competing Internet. Personally I feel that the later is better in the spirit of capitalism but the former is better in the spirit of the Internet. If I were at the wheel I’d probably let everyone make their own Internet and see what happens. Can always go the other way later. If you give it away though can’t undo that as easily. I don’t think that seperate Internets would affect the US too much but would be more of a challenge for other countries. Heck we don’t make anything in America anymore asides from the Internet. Seems important to keep. And who knows maybe other countries creating their own Internets will bring about some great innovation that would do these other countries well and everyone could learn from it and benefit.

  11. says

    This issue can only be effectively addressed by a democratically elected global governing body, voted in by authentically elected heads of state from each country. One country, one vote.

    China is putting the cart wayyy before the horse in this matter. The internet will never be turned over to countries represented by dictators and autocratic ruling parties.

  12. Anon says

    There’s part of me that says let it go, the US government is a bit creepy at times.

    Then, there’s that part of me who’s tired of the sniveling and whining that originates from a hateful world towards the United States, that kinda wishes we could revoke anything we ever contributed to modern civilization and bring it back to within our borders only. Enjoy riding around in your donkey carts and reading manuscripts by candlelight. That part of me says absolutely, fuck them, let them snivel and cry about how ‘unfair’ it is, this one’s ours. We’ve given you damn near everything else in the name of egalitarianism and got nothing but grief in return. Not this time.

  13. Back in the real world says

    Anon says-

    “tired of the sniveling and whining that originates from a hateful world towards the United States”

    I wonder why the world feels like that….

    “kinda wishes we could revoke anything we ever contributed to modern civilization and bring it back to within our borders only. Enjoy riding around in your donkey carts and reading manuscripts by candlelight. That part of me says absolutely, fuck them, let them snivel and cry about how ‘unfair’ it is, this one’s ours. We’ve given you damn near everything else in the name of egalitarianism and got nothing but grief in return. Not this time.”

    Oh, thats why.

  14. says

    Let it never be said they don’t have chutzpah in China. Is the pot calling the kettle black or what? I could really wax low-brow, but I’ll take the high road … for now.

  15. me says


    Its not about power and control. Its about democracy and freedom. So yes sometimes the US abuse the power that comes with it and ICANN might not be the best- but wake up..
    Notice even the UK shuts down sites, so give me a break. The difference is that if the US were to give up control then it would be way worse!

    Look what going on in Syria!! China and Russia for their own reasones are blocking basically the US and the UN from stopping whats going on there. The UN is known not to be a place where democracy, and human rights are followed. Look who was on the board of human rights over the years…

    By they way, the US created the internet- so they do have more rights than we do. In addition they shared their internet with everyone. (You can say “thank you” nicely :-))
    Besides that, most ppl at the end of the day want to do business with the US. The US is a main focul point.

    If you are disappointed how the US runs it now, you would be more than just disappointed if it was run by anyone else.

    Mike- they have their own internet already and their own root servers too. Nonthless, they realize the internet leads to knowledge and to realizing that their is a better way of living life and so China need to control the pace it moves so as not to have a disaster on their hands. Russia wants to keep things the way they are – so its not so simple.

  16. BillW says

    @ Jay-
    China would like to see it under the control of some organization like the United Nations where rogue countries can veto and disrupt proposed actions….like China and Russia have done to Syria.

    China has already split the Internet and are running their own “parallel” internet for about 5 years or more now. They need “our” internet for international business and commerce, but they censor ANYTHING political or adult in nature.

    China has 30,000 plus internet “police” employed in snooping on thier own people. Wikipedia reports China has jailed the largest number of journalists and bloggers of any country in the world.

  17. Paul says

    I used to live in China. It is, was, and probably always will be, one of the most corrupt nations on Earth. Now, I’m supposed to take ‘freedom of information/internet control’ advice from China?! Give me a break.

    I’ll be the first person to call the U.S. out on it’s ****. We invade Iraq over OIL then claim it was to liberate them. We stick our noses in everyone’s business. And on and on. But China really doesn’t have a leg to stand. It certainly cannot preach to anyone. Not on the subject of freedom of speech or information.

    China has one of the worst human rights records in the World. It strickly controls all forms of print and other media. Taking advice from China is this matter is akin to taking humanitarian advice from a sociopath.

    I may not be a huge fan of the U.S. (where I reside) but at least you can speak your mind here, and post anything you like online, without ended up in a prison in China, held as a “political dissident”.

    China pointing it’s finger at the U.S. is utterly ridiculous. It’s the classic “pot calling the kettle black”. China controls virtually every aspect of it’s citizens’ lives, including the flow in information. Fix your own boat China. Then you can worry about us.

  18. Anon says

    “I wonder why the world feels like that….

    Oh, thats why.”

    Because we’ve wholly defined modern civilization and in return we been shit on, attacked both in word and in action, basically we’ve been the whipping boy for an embittered, underachieving planet earth and yet again, we’re supposed to hand over our own home-grown achievements for the ‘benefit’ of a humanity who will take it with a grunt, then proceed to berate us for everything else?

    Sorry. Count me in the group who’s grown tired and weary of being the ‘provider’ for earth. It’s high time we started managing our own interests in the context of what we owe ourselves, rather than what we’re obliged to give away to everyone else. If the world’s going to hate us anyway, let them hate us for being selfish, rather than hate us for being generous.

  19. Josh says

    @Me, I found the start of your reply interesting “Its not about power and control. Its about democracy and freedom.”

    That sounds great if the it wasn’t so laughable. Calling the U.S. government a force for freedom is a head shaker. U.S. c itizens lose more and more freedoms and rights as time goes by, are spyed on, labled and tried for crimes that once formed your nation. They use the excuse of freedom to invade, occupy and plunder. Have you ever looked at the list of wars in order since the founding of the U.S.? I swear I find but 2 out of 100+ that made any sense. I am not trying to make this about war but I have no doubt the U.S. knows control over the web is a powerful tool and not for the purpose of freedom or democracy for some guy in China. How can they use this tool to their advantage to break our freedoms and rights unless they have full control. Don;t be blinded by the big bad China and the U.S. holding onto the net to protect us propaganda. I only wish it was so simple.

  20. Back in the real world says

    Anon –

    I usually agree with every word you say, to the point I don’t post as you’ve already read my mind and put into words my thoughts. On this subject however we disagree.

    You’re writing as if the US altruistically gives everything away to a world which then hates the US for it which is wrong on two counts:

    1. the US doesn’t give anything away for free, everything that is given comes with caveats.

    2. No one, 99.99%, gives a shit about the US or any other country for that matter, governments drive agendas and make out it is common consensus amongst the population. Trust me they don’t hate you for your freedom, the ones that do hate you, 00.01%, do so because you drone bombed their village. Everyone else on the planet is too worried about feeding their family, just like you and me, to give a shit.

  21. Anon says

    @ BITRW:

    Every time I go overseas on business and flip on the hotel TV (particularly outside Western Europe) I’m bombarded by a sort of rancor towards the United States that isn’t rooted in cool-headed analysis or objective criticism.

    As someone from the States, I’m totally appalled by what this country has become over the past couple decades. Yes, we suffer from serious policy failings that are worthy of harsh examination and inquiry, not to mention our little ‘adventure’ in Iraq burned up whatever global goodwill we earned over the past century. Still, at the end of the day, there’s nothing that irks my ass more than listening to someone in a mud hut who- but for the technologies bestowed on the world by the United States would still be swinging from a tree- express a sense of ‘entitlement’ towards devices and technologies of our own creation, as if we somehow haven’t done enough.

    Lets add up everything every individual country has put in the kitty to advance the standard of living of mankind and from that, subtract our missteps. We could have 100 more Iraqs,the United States is still balance due.

  22. Josh says

    The world owes the U.S. for the advancement of civilization as a whole?

    I must be ignorant to what exact achievements the rest of the world stole or was given by the U.S. to which have no equal contributions by other countries. Could you make a list please?

  23. Michael H. Berkens says


    “”Notice even the UK shuts down sites, so give me a break.””

    They are shutting down domains which is under their laws and within their boarders, its a country code TLD, no problem.

    The issue that the US has not helped themselves with is making it very clear that any .com is subject to US law no matter where the registrant lives where the registrar lives.

    The fact that the US has been recently using the seizure of domains names as a law enforcement remedy for enforcement of US law is troubling to other countries in the world.

    What would we say if another countries laws controlled the domain name system?

  24. Mark says


    Please America…….keep the internet!!!….

    Enough with the ‘you didnt build it’ mentality.

    Jesus…wtf is wrong with everyone!?!?!?!?

    Collectivism is a FRAUD!!!!!!11111

  25. Anon says

    “Could you make a list please?”

    Is this a rhetorical question, or are you seriously that dumb?

    There’s pretty much no argument, anywhere, from anyone, that the United States set the world on its ear. From electricity to airplanes to computers to the lightbulb to the internet to landing on the moon- from every single operating theory regarding production, marketing, branding, not to mention global cultural supremacy, take a pick (and spare us all any bullshit revisionist history where really, it was some unknown Canadian doing the heavy lifting on the Telephone or the Polio vaccine).

    We are to the modern era what Greeks were to 2000 years ago. You’ll notice the world isn’t begging Bangladesh to cede control of the internet.

    It’s ridiculous to even propose the idea that America is somehow ‘equal’ to other countries in terms of contemporary innovation and performance. The pressing question is, what obligation does America bear to the rest of the world, considering where we stand?

  26. Josh says

    Am I that dumb, you created everything,do not mention Canadians, the world owes you… you arnt American by chance are you lol


  27. Anon says

    Chanting “ignorant” has become the neo-speak mantra of everyone who maintains a weak position. Eventually, they’ll arrive at bleating the word “ignorant”.

  28. Back in the real world says

    Anon –

    I was catching up on episodes of Breaking Bad, which was made in the US, on a device that changed the earth more than any other the last century, the TV, invented by a Scotsman.

    Electricity was discovered not invented, millenia ago, however Gilbert, British, coined the term. No one person can take credit for electricity and even someone like Tesla who you may believe to be American was born in Croatia.

    Computers in their concept and first incarnation were invented by Babbage (English), subsequently the first real computer with electricity, but no internet access, was invented by Turing to break the enigma code. Hollywood actually rewrote this one where the US break the code by stealing the Germans coding machine. Funnily enough as you mention Canadians, it was actually they who stole the Germans coding machine which an English then invented the computer to break.

    The Wright Brothers invented the airplane, you are correct, and if we needed a mode of transport that took us 100 meters or eventually 33 hours to cross the Atlantic we would be set, fortunately a Brit and an German invented the jet engine.

    Talking of Germans and jets, had the Soviet Union captured Braun at the end of World War two, as the hunt for him took place by the three ‘victors looking for the spoils’ you can be sure that they would have landed on the moon first just as they were first into space. This war ended when the bomb was dropped, twice, the bomb that was made because of the prompting of Albert Einstein, which brings me onto my final point:

    None of the crap that you think is important or you think the US invented would have ever been invented had it not been for physicists and mathematicians and these guys were changing the face of humanity when North America was 10,000 Indians waiting for John Wayne to show up.

    I am off to bed. Night.

  29. Avtal says

    @Michael H. Berkens

    The US seizure of .com domains makes a kind of sense, because the .com registry is run by a US company, under US jurisdiction. What would be more alarming is if the US forced ICANN, as a US-based organization, to shut down the ccTLDs of out-of-favor countries, such as Iran and Cuba. So far, at least, the US government has had the good sense not to do this.

  30. Josh says

    @Anon I can see where you’re coming from, and going, though I feel that most of what you say is/will be irrelevant, in the end. The world just don’t like America making their decisions anymore. Sure we like them on our side when we go to war, or acquire a new tablet computer, but many countries aren’t as reliant on the US as they once were.

    Getting back on track for a second, the US is the obvious leader in internet companies, startups, creating innovative new things that do wonderous things for our world. Thank you. Admittedly having the US control our worlds internet is more beneficial and free-er than many others – but as soon as a government or business loses respect, or attempts to exercise their power on other states then it’s not so free.

    America is generous.
    America is sometimes selfish.
    America won’t give up (share) our internet lightly.
    China is not generous.
    Russia is not generous.

    Given it’s current economy, I think it’s ridiculous to think America is superior to other nations in terms of performance. Thank you for my iPad, designed in California made in Shanghai.

    Ironically I like American people, Obama and Jersey Shore.

    I don’t have a solution, but I would like to see a young, enthusiastic global body leading the new internet – from all over the world – not some aged ICANN men in LA, and not some over-funded campus students.

  31. RK says

    We are all forgetting one key point here: Internet being the monopoly of ICANN.

    That is why dot-com prices have increased so much instead of being like $1/domain because there are now over 100 million dot-com domain registered.

    $9 is a lot for the rest of the world even though it is not much for Americans here.

    Once UN takes over internet. expect the dot-com contract to be taken away from VERISIGN’s monopoly and the dot-com prices will fall to $1 or $2 level.

    I have no problem with that.

    I have serious issues with ICANN/VERISIGN monoploy and price increases.

    I have even more serious issues with the way US gov takes down sites at will without any due course of the law.

  32. says

    Anon…….so you think Edison invented the lightbulb….I’m not so certain……my info indicates he bought the patent from ….yup a Canuk!
    Telephone…Brantford Ontario . For sure!
    I am a US big fan….love you guys……BUT When I was inLondon after many, many visits to NYC,
    I had the feeling that LONDON was ground zero for all things meaningful……
    In 2010, 30 days in S. America really shook me up! Guess what…. I got the feeling they feel generally superior to all of N America. Amazing cities and people.
    Someone mentioned the jet engine….born in UK (Frank Whittle) Perfected in Toronto..(AVRO)
    First Sabre Jets re-engined with a CDN version early in the game ….Comments..”finally this thing will fly like a jet fighter”
    First four engined jet airliner….Canadian..(and it worked great)
    Control of the web really needs a good look at…….The record of singular Govt. entities to intervene in cases of obvious necessity is not comforting!

  33. Anon says

    It isn’t the ‘common sense’ approach.
    It’s the ‘completely deluded’ approach.

    Go to Japan. There’s a similarly delusional group of people who sincerely believe that the telephone, light bulb and personal computer originated with Japanese persons. Same thing with Russia. Anyone with a shred of objectivity doesn’t even bother to argue against the US’s accomplishments, relative to basically everyone else. You just wind up looking like an insane retard grasping at straws.

    As far as his on personal feelings about London being “ground zero for all things meaningful” or that 30 days in South America left him feeling they’re “generally superior to all of North America”, that pretty much says everything about his own insight into things.

    If you think his is the common sense approach, I’d suggest your concept of ‘common sense’ is just as dumb as everything else you’ve posted in these comments.

  34. Anon says

    @ BITRW

    You’re citing a lot of VERY debatable ‘originators’, then amusingly doubling back on your own points with your comment on the Wright Brothers. At least to try and keep it consistent.

    Correct, everything is on the backs of physicists and mathematicians that goes back millennia, but to deny the ridiculously supreme role the United States has had in shaping the modern world, well, it’s just pointless to try and ‘debate’ with anyone who sincerely believes that, or who is willing to cobble up some tenuous position about how it all goes back to the folksy genius of the Inuit (or whatever group the revisionist historians are lavishing-upon this week) .

    We all agree that different countries, in their own ways, have made meaningful contributions to civilization but some countries, chiefly the United States- but also Britain, Germany and the Anglosphere’s assorted redheaded stepchildren like Canada or Australia- have too. The United States, being ‘what we are’ , engenders a lot of bitterness from places and peoples who haven’t contributed nearly what we have, yet they expect us to serve them with our technologies and advances?

    It’s no different than the 3rd World immigrant who moves into the 1st World, then resents everything and everyone around him once he arrives. Frankly, I’m tired of dealing with this sentiment from those people.

  35. Avtal says

    RK wrote:

    “Once UN takes over internet. expect the dot-com contract to be taken away from VERISIGN’s monopoly and the dot-com prices will fall to $1 or $2 level.”

    Half right. Here’s how it will work.

    1) The UN sets up a committee, the United Nations Internet Commission (UNIC).
    2) UNIC breaks the Verisign contract, and finds a registry who is willing to run .com for $1 per name per year.
    3) UNIC sets up a sub-committee, headed by Saudi Arabia and North Korea, to draft rules for determining which names, and which registrants, deserve the privilege of registration in the .com registry.
    4) A new organization is set up to administer these rules; by coincidence the highest-paid employees of this new organization are nieces and nephews of the national representatives to the UNIC.
    5) The price for .com domains is raised to $75 per year to pay the salaries of these employees. But it won’t affect you, since you aren’t qualified anyway.

  36. ChinaEarth says

    Ah yes you mean hand it over to China correct lol. China thinks it is so clever pulling the wool over peoples eyes. China should talk as it has the largest internet population in the world to pull from. What they want is the assets and to control access to curb public discontent. They don’t like the fact that Chinese can get access to information outside the governments control. That is what this is really about and has nothing to do with access for all as they should talk haha. Apparently none of you realize that China is the #1 country for cyber attacks against the US and other allies. Nothing China wants more then to destroy our economy in as many ways as possible. Sorry China but maybe you should look at yourself first before you start making demands which you yourself don’t keep.

  37. Josh says

    I agree with ChinaEartj and as I mentioned before from even the U.S. point of view it is a matter of security and power, as if the governement cares about your ability to google freely lol Only if they get to spy on it and prevent others from using it to harm them.

  38. says

    Let’s change it to: OPEC must hand over oil control to the world.

    No, let’s genericize it to: “Organization” must hand over “something it controls” to “other people that don’t”.

    First up….

    The Chinese Govt and its attempts to control all the petroleum reserves through its “privately held” shell companies.

    What happened to:

    “Everyone should relinquish control of the internet to everyone”

  39. Charles says

    Yes. Great idea. Turn control over to the UN … one of the most corrupt and inept organizations in the world. Then China? Another great idea. The most oppressive country in the world would make a wonderful addition to control of the internet.

    There’s not a country in the world that is stable enough to take partial control of the internet. And look who chimes in first … China. They should be one of the last countries to consider … just above Iran and North Korea. How could China possibly contribute to the well-being of the internet? Do you think their motives are benevolent? Do you think they want to enhance and distribute good will to the world?

    There would be no internet without the United States. Any country being considered to share in control of the internet should be required to exhibit stability in every aspect of their government. And although the US is certainly not perfect in any way, throwing salt in the wound is not going to help.

    This is all so premature it’s laughable. We are years away from an organization similar to the UN maintaining and controlling the internet.

  40. Michael H. Berkens says


    I don’t have any problem with it

    For one no one including Romney knew who the nominee would be and in early 2012 no one knew that Romney would be the Republican candidate so very speculative back in 2010.

    How can someone claim TM rights even common law for a domain registered in 2010 when the ticket didn’t exist until 2012?

    Also lets not forget that Romney ran in 2008 as well:,_2008

    So he had years to register 50 of these types of domains with some potential VP candidates for $10 a piece, this guy didn’t register the domain until 2010.

    I think its fair game

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