Says Has More Traffic Than Sedo, Buydomains, Afternic, & DomainMarket Combined

According to which measures US traffic sites get, is getting more monthly visitors than,,, and combined.

As impressive as that is, according to, US traffic is increasing every month for the last year months, the only site of those mentioned above.

According to Complete received monthly visitors topped 500,000 for the 1st time in July after having only 230,000 visitors a year ago. according to had the second highest amount of traffic in July at 106,000 visitors but that is down from a few months ago where they were complete was showing 170,000 visitors. had over 36,000 visitors for July 2012 according to which is less than half of its highest month in the last 12, September 2011 where showed it having over 82,000 visitors. had just over 15,000 visitors for July less than 1/2 of the 32K visitors showed for October 2011. had under 10,000 visitors for July off its 12 month high of 18,000 plus visitors in January of 2012. just over 5,000 visitors for July according to off its high of 17,000 in September 2011. according to its site has over 350,000 domain names for sale.

It appears owns all the domains on its site and sends all of the type in traffic from these domains to likewise with,  while and park their domains but have inquiry links coming back to their respective sites. and Afternic have a large amount of third party domains on their site.

Compete stats are sometime far from accurate but that should be relative across all of the sites.

Certainly interesting numbers to ponder.




  1. says

    If it’s measuring U.S. traffic only, it’s not taking into consideration that Sedo has an international audience. Being based in Germany, a significant portion of their traffic comes from Europe. Theirs is one of the only multilanguage platforms, and nothing against Afternic, HugeDomains, or any of the other sites, but I’d be highly surprised if any of the other sites have as much global visibility and traffic as Sedo.

  2. Francois says

    The difference of traffic come that is aggressively advertising in AdWords (and maybe other ad networks) at the inverse of the others actors you reference.
    This is the secret of their outstanding traffic!
    I imagine it’s paying otherwise they will have stopped for a long time.

  3. says

    If you want to look for the type-in traffic that sedo makes with its parked size you would need to include also the traffic, but i dont think you will get the real visitor numbers for this domain.

    And as Nadia said, the sedo traffic comes also from other regions like Germany, Spain, UK and so on.

    If you would like to look for more numbers on this topic, try and select the other languages they offer.

    If you want to see Sedos last financial statement, look here:

  4. says

    He is doing a great job in my space, hopefully temporarily. I think the numbers for actually blow out these numbers listed though, will review. I think we are more like a million visitors per month…

  5. Back in the real world says

    Wow. The figures for number of visitors are that low? What would the estimate be on the number of people that are going to Sedo, for example, to add more listings or general stuff relating to their own listings?

    I would estimate 99%

  6. Fran says

    Also some people check everyday parkings stats in Sedo. So, take care with unique visitors vs absolute visitors.

  7. Gazzip says

    “ still has more than all mentioned combined” advertises all over the place with links and banners ads, I have seen ads of theirs at least 100 times in all sorts of different places

    They must be throwing big bucks at it.

    Great looking website too :)

  8. says

    The reason you keep seeing their ads is because they are leveraging “retargeting” and the ad netw0rks know you are a domainer. They arent as big of an advertiser as it appears but just good at saturating their target with that technology.

  9. Francois says

    @Mike Mann

    You are right about behavioral retargeting.
    Bu the ads I talk were not retargeted as I did never visited his site from these computers nor were sites targeted to domainers.

    I discussed many times with Andrew few years ago, but the one I have as friend in FaceBook is Jeffrey Reberry that is announced as his brother and business partner.
    Now I just checked his photos and Andrew never appear in any one nor he is referenced so there are big chances as you suggest that both be the same person and Andrew simply be a nickname of Jeffrey.

    FYI, recently I contacted him to check interest about our realtime ad contextual technology: show ads of domain for sale related to web page content (sort of AdSense of domains). He responded his team was already working on a similar program (true or intox?).
    But something is sure, he wasting a lot of money advertising his marketplace.

  10. Jay says

    “It appears owns all the domains on its site and sends all of the type in traffic from these domains to likewise with, while and park their domains but have inquiry links coming back to their respective sites.”

    Since domain parking has dipped a bit since the good old days and some domains don’t receive much type in anyway curious if you have ever tried this and what the results were. Personally I’m still making good revenue on some at certain parking companies but I have always made more in sales revenue than parking revenue and quite a few aren’t really income machines and maybe the sales page angle is a better method?

  11. Michael H. Berkens says


    No I have never tried this, still making money off of parking, nothing like the old days but nothing I want to give up at this point

  12. says


    I go with the sales page angle and considering how small my domain portfolio is, I imagine I get higher prices and sell a higher percentage of my domains than the average domain investor in any given year.

  13. says

    Hi Mike,

    As you mentioned in your article, the stats that brings up can be a little misrepresentative based on how they track traffic. Sedo is an international company, so we have a lot of traffic from users around the world, as a few commenters have already pointed out. Here are a few stats from our side that give a sense of how far a domain listing at Sedo goes.

    In July 2012, we had around 2.3 million visitors to our site and about 5.8 million page views. This includes international traffic, and traffic to pages other than the US homepage. With the SedoMLS partner network, domains listed at Sedo are also seen by millions more people worldwide, so our customers get the most exposure for their domain listings when listing with us.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


  14. Doc says


    I like to list my domains on Sedo, get offers to my Sedo account, not respond to any of these offers, then the buyer contacts me directly to negotiate by finding my email address through Whois, then we do the deal by using one of the many web-based escrow services…that way I don’t pay Sedo any commission.

    Thank you, Sedo – You Rock!

  15. BrianWick says

    Hi Mike Mann –
    “Has anyone ever met “Andrew Dewberry”? I wonder if its an alias?”

    Yes – he is about 4 drives and a 5 iron from my office in Downtown Denver.

    My opinion – you will not find someone who has figured it out – long after many of us got into the business.

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