EdibleArrangements.com Acquires Edible.com

Another single word .Com is off the market probably forever as EdibleArrangements.com just acquired the domain name Edible.com.

The domain transferred over according to DomainTools.com in late June of this year.

The domain name Edible.com is being forwarded to their site so they are not re-branding to the shorter domain which I think is a good idea in this case.

The previous owner was listed as Todd Dalton of  London UK.

The domain has an original registration date as best as I can tell of 1998.

So far no word on the price paid for the domain.

If your not familiar with EdibleArrangements.com they deliver some pretty yummy food gifts to your door and make great gifts.

The chocolate covered strawberries are heavenly.

Congrats to the buyer and seller.


  1. L says

    Could be shrewdly deploying a generic domain name as a marketing peripheral.

    That’s one of the most potent- yet underutilized- uses of a generic domain name, allowing your business to retain all the benefits of branding while bottling the lightning of a generic term in a marketing campaign.

    If you’re starting up a boutique bottled tea company, calling yourself Daytona Beach Sweet Tea Company, building your primary web presence on DBSTC.com, forwarding DaytonaBeachSweetTeaCompany.com to that, then using Drink.com on all your ads is the strategy being used by agencies with a brain.

  2. says

    This is a great example of a company that gets it!

    Last year they were interested in one of my premium one word generics and made a VERY strong offer but were ultimately outbid.

  3. says

    Great purchase for them but don’t understand why people pay such outrageous prices for cut up fruit.

    Go to grocery store, buy fruit, cut up fruit, put pieces on stick and mark it up like 1000% and people are all over it.

    Crazy service for lazy people.

    CrazyForLazy.com ? :-)

  4. Ron says

    I have ordered for them before for Mothers day it was a hit, it is just like flowers but edible, and dipped in fruit, something different, I think it is a franchise model now, good on them for being keen enough to get these names.

    I think it cost me about $45 delivered, and it was well worth the price to me.

  5. Cartoonz says

    you just HAD TO mention chocolate covered strawberries, didn’t you Mike?

    lol… give my best to Judi 😉

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