Sells For $25K On

The domain name sold yesterday on for $25,655.

There were 235 bidders in the auction.

There were 3 bidders willing to pay $10k or more for the domain.

The winning bidder goes by the bidder Id of  “22twos”.

In some other sales this week on, sold for $8,800; sold for $7,5o1 which seems to be a nice price; sold for $5K and for $3,811


  1. says

    The really sad part of the whole thing is the name was dropping. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the only way NameJet gets names for auction. So the previous owner, who needed only pay a renewal fee, lost $25k. Imagine that!

    The WHOIS database now shows a company in Atlanta that manages / perhaps owns the domain: Rockbridge Systems, Inc.

  2. says

    Danny, NameJet allows private auctions as well for select sellers, so it wasn’t necessarily dropping. From checking the whois, it looks like this was a seller’s auction.

  3. domainer says

    It appears ComputerRepairs was sold by its owner. The present whois is the same for many years. Expiration date – 1-6-13.

    Namejet sells many domains for the present owner. And, some domain brokers/owner sell their domains thru NJ. I bought 2 yesterday on NJ that MediaOptions owns.

  4. domainer says

    ” (I own if anyone wants). ”

    Domainer, why do you guys use other people’s blog (real estate) to advertise your domains?
    If you want to advertise your portfolio, buy ad space from Michael.

    (one of my pet peeves.)

  5. Aggro says


    The idea that the owner somehow “lost” $25,000 is fuckin laughable

    It’s the “domainers dichotomy” (or whatever the correct term is)

    By holding it, the owner NEVER would have got inquiries leading to a $25,000.
    Y’all know it’s fucking true
    When it expires, the only entity that makes money off of it…is the drop shop

    Anyway, waste of money $25,000
    Computer repairs is a local business that is not scalable, with tiny margins.
    Most people just junk it to buy a new one
    The new owner – most likely – has paid more than any “end user” would have

    Was this REALLY the best way to spend $25,000 today…where there are tons of relative bargains to be had..

    Fucking chump

  6. Aggro says is the type of domain that Elliot would typically buy for under $2000

    He loves these repair/gardening/pool/handyman/dogwalking/cat-grooming etc service type domains


  7. says

    Lots of things are laughable. I just purchased a 13 year old domain – for low $xxx , some people dont understand the value of domains, and some loose sight of potential!

  8. BillW says could end up as one of the infomercial brands on TV selling virus software like “” and “”. Not to mention, a more memorable name to boot. $25k is cheap compared to television ad costs if it is memorable well beyond the commercials.

  9. BillW says

    BTW- The better name would probably be (singular) . Could lose a lot of traffic bleed to this url….

  10. says

    Hello MHB

    2to 3 years from now this name will easily sell for 250,000 $ URLs are the worlds most powerful Marketing Tools in Recorded History. Whoever bought this was a believer and whoever sold this has no idea what he owned. Simply Amazing !

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  11. Tim says

    Weren’t you guys at the high bidders on ?? so when you say good price does that mean you bought it for a good price or the seller got a high dollar amount?

  12. says

    Hello MHB

    Would be interesting to know of the 200 + bidders how many were representing Ad Companies?

    Can you imagine what an Ad company would charge you for this pure play?

    The tides are turning and slowly Ad companies are realizing the Strategic values of these Perpetual Marketing Machines called Virtual Business Foundations. Names like this can be virtual Gold Mines for Advertising Firms, because they can charge a premium for the most important part of their strategy the Business Address. They also can charge for ongoing Ad support on a cotinual basis. Arguing that they are dearly needed for success , which is a lie with a name of this stature. But hey it works for them.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  13. says,,


    Electronics are already disposable (or covered by extended warranties). Replace repair with recycle and you have something.

  14. Michael H. Berkens says


    We were not the high bidders of certification actually we bid no higher than the initial $69 bid

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