Forbes Shines The Light On .Me Domains Including just told the world about .Me domains and highlighted as one of the top 10 sites using a .Me domain that people should keep an eye on.

“After you’ve found the guts to start your own venture, have assembled the right team, and have an initial product, you start brainstorming company names. As you’re brainstorming company names, you cross them with available domain names. You quickly realize the only decent length “.com”s left are “”. ”

“Sadly, even if you can figure out how to pronounce that, there’s no way your customer is going to remember it.”

“Then came the great country of Montenegro, meaning black mountain.””

.Me domains were “made available to the public in 2008. Since then, US startups have flocked to “.me”s. “”

“Why? Well, first off, they’re available.”

“Second, if you have the choice between “.am”, “.ag.”, “.ws” and other similar names, you’re going to choose the one that actually means something in English.”

“Third, the “.me” has a personalized feel. You can connect with the user.”

“Many other startups ..have used the .me naming convention.

“A few cool ones are:”

1. – Bridesmaid dress startup out of Chicago
2. – Dating/meetup site
3. – Advertising & gaming site
4. – Place to discover successfully funded Kickstarter & IndieGoGo projects
5. – Connect with classmates and tutors
6. – Become a fashionista through Pinterest
7. Tango.Me – Tango is a video calling service
8. Sonar.Me – App that tells you when your friends and friends’ friends are nearby
9. Homescreen.Me – App that lets you share your iOS devices’ homescreens
10. Join.Me – Instant screen sharing app



  1. BillW says

    Nice benefit for the .com holders to see these developed and enjoy the added traffic spill.

    Curious to see if their experience is anything parallel to the traffic bleed.

  2. says

    Thanks for the article Mike. Do you have any idea what is required to purchase a premium .me domain? Is there a set cost? Do you know anyone that could get this done at a reasonable fee?

    We’ve been watching a me domain name and the page resolves to this

    Yes! It’s available! is a premium domain and it can be acquired through our Development Program. Send us the application and we will get you the domain in no time. Try .ME!

    Thanks in advance,

  3. L says

    Are startups “flocking” to .me?

    No .me’s in the ycombinator class of 2011.
    Or 2010.
    Or 2009.
    Certainly if there was a ‘flocking to .me’ we’d see at least one there of all places.

    When I read an article that characterizes domain names in terms of what’s unavailable to hand-register in .com, that’s not an article being written by someone who has a fucking clue.

  4. says

    Mike, what have you done. Now the .me/.junk peddler from Azerbaijan will start sending those mass emails again. Just google ‘Marysa Lykhas’.

  5. says

    Its already really hard to sell .Coms, already a very inefficient thinly traded market, meaning huge spreads and potential bargains. Making this large market efficient could take a decade. Why would marketers and investors who are already cheap, confused and probably broke going to invest in alternatives to .Com? They only will as a small portion to .com investing and deployments so no rational reason to risk the time and money when you can have a flight to .com quality and still have a difficult job ahead.

  6. fizz says

    When I click on I get redirected to, so IMO it’s inaccurate and misleading to report that is “one of the 10 sites using a .Me domain that people should keep an eye on” (the other 9 mentioned do go to dedicated .Me sites).

    Congrats to the sellers of for $450,000 last November but until – if ever – the buyer takes the plunge and the website changes to, it looks to be a defensive domain purchase.

    It’s interesting to note the big lift in traffic that shows that both domain names experienced from April to June this year from almost flat-line positions to a very healthy 2,189,033 for and and 9,397 for (0.43% of the traffic, if stats are accurate).

  7. strum says

    They missed the best example- — an app that lets you create a page about yourself but you run it on a top level domain such as Because people search for David Sams not “about David Sams”

    .ME fails the radio test- which will get the person to the landing page- which will ensure ROI on the ad:

    3 Minutes and 5 Questions Will Reveal How Much You Can Save on Car Insurance
    Log on and learn at Save Me dot Com

    or Log on and learn at Save dot Me

    When you have to say the url, the word dot mucks up the expression

  8. Pauly says

    Hi domainers,

    Question: We’re developing an accessories website and have the .com and .me domain names.

    We like the idea of the personalised .me, but wonder if the domain name would be hard to remember or if people will understand a .me address.

    What do you think domainers, should we use the .me or .com, considering we own both and its for an accessories business?

  9. John Berryhill says

    “Shines the light on .me” – Good one, Mike.

    Let the Midnight Special, shine a light on me;
    Let the Midnight Special, shine the ever-lovin’ light on me…

  10. Anon says

    “Making this large market efficient could take a decade.”

    The domain name market will never be ‘efficient’ since there’s zero fungibility between products. Without a capacity for substitution, pricing can never standardize.

  11. says

    “and highlighted as one of the top 10 sites using a .Me domain that people should keep an eye on”

    The writer said nothing of the kind!

    What she said was “here are a few cool ones”, and
    anyone that knows anything about great hacks
    will tell you that those names are hardly ‘top tier’
    in the .me TLD…

    And why would be an example anyway?!
    …it just redirects to, lol.

  12. says

    .tv and .me are the only two country codes that mean anything in English, they should both continue to do quite well on both the sales aftermarket and in end-user development/investment.

  13. rk says

    This article shows that Forbes does not care about the quality of it’s content anymore.

    On its way to content farm?

  14. Steven Sikes says

    Of course, .com names are the best. But what I’m finding. Start-ups that have received Series A funding, not Seed and Incubators (those companies usually choose quirky names that they registered for $8,) are turning to .me names as a branding strategy. I’ve sold most of my .me names to entrepreneurs, mainly from Silicon Valley. In fact, sold another one,, to a Bay Area entrepreneur this past week. I’ve developed several .me names and they did quite well, having been acquired by a Danish company. I have friends that have launched names under the .me extension –,,,,, – innovative products with a “personal” angle. I do know the names are hot with Silicon Valley startups that have at least $1 million in funding.

  15. says

    Steven – What percentage of the funded startups are using .me? I’ve only seen take off (profit is questionable) and the most popular .me domain seems to have been Of course, Sedo might not like what’s on the .me [NSFW].

  16. M says


    Congrats on your .me sales, I also have been seeing Silicon Valley startups moving to alternative extensions, presumably b/c the .COM isn’t available. But the problem is most of these startups fail and you never hear about them again after they initially launch and get press coverage at launch/funding. Very few .me’s/.co’s/.ly’s are successful, and I truly wonder if it even occurs to these entrepreneurs that they f*cked up their branding. I’m not going to say they failed BECAUSE of a shitty domain or because they didn’t get a .COM, but I bet it plays a role. The fact is your company name just isn’t AS credible and memorable as it otherwise would be if you don’t have a .com. And these startups already have such an uphill battle statistically in terms of success … they NEED to be taught to get a .COM where possible. These startup incubators need to be given a Domain Name 101 course and in turn educate their entrepreneurs.

    my 2 cents

  17. Steven Sikes says

    @M — Again, you’ll never hear me (pardon that) claim .me is better than .com. But if you build a great product, engage users, gain traction, iterate, have a solid business model in place, revenues will come. One startup .me that I particularly like, and think it could even reach Instagram status is, developed by Rockstar programmers. It’s owned by Radian One, which has over $45 million in funding. – coded in Rails, HTML5, JQuery, CSS,, UI/UX – Masonry a la Pinterest. Back-end coded to scale, something Instagram did not prepare for in its nascent stage. This is a solid product. And should get better. I like its business model, and they have uber hackers and hustlers aboard. So far, besides, .com, I can’t see any other extension that has been embraced as much. My friends had no problems securing Series A rounds with their .me start-ups. also is a solid product, funded by the Foundry Group (Brad Feld), with nice revenues. Let’s see.

  18. Michael H. Berkens says

    This is really a continuation of my domaining 6.0 post, its all about brandable domains and .Me domains are quite brandable

  19. Steven Sikes says

    I neglected to mention a company founded by some pals Q&A site, with approx. $14-15 million in funding. Founded in 2009 as (which now redirects to Similar to Quora (which right now has a great valuation) and StackOverflow, but with the key differentiator being answers are “opinions”, and not just “facts”, hence, the reason for going with .me for personalization. This could be a nice acquisition target. (Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Path). Nice UX/UI – looks great on Mobile. Not sure about revenues. Then again, same with Quora which could be better suited for Google (as it likes to aggregate information, data, facts). Formspring has more of a social feel.

  20. Steven Sikes says definitely is in play. I expect Pinterest, Quora, Vimeo to get acquired by Summer’s end. Pinterest – between $2.5 – $4 Billion by either Facebook or Yahoo.

  21. James says

    I love these ME names they are so cool, App.Me also sold for 50K i think was June.
    I am not surprised .Me names have become so popular for US startups.

  22. Grim says

    I bet they’ll be the #1 MSG SuperStore on the Internet! Can’t wait to shop there for all my MSG food-additive needs. 😉

  23. says

    Interesting article. I’m writing a book and using a .me domain. As with most things, ‘it just depends.’

    On the other hand, I’m glad I have a neat 5-letter domain I registered not long ago – there’s still stuff out there available for what you’re building/doing! Just slow down, brainstorm, write down ideas.

    It doesn’t NEED to be a .com – if you have content that brings people, they’ll get there.

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