Donuts, Inc. Dan Schindler, co-founder Appears On CNBC

Dan Schindler, co-founder of Donuts Inc just appeared on CNBC chatting about the new gTLD space.

When asked if there was one string they liked the most, the one they thought would make the most money he said:

They are like our children we love them all.

You can click on this link and watch the interview.



  1. BrianWick says

    Interesting – I met the guy a few TRAFFIC’s ago – I think he was big into (or bought into) 2-3 letter domains years ago.

    Let hope they do not turn into “step-children” they have to invite to the Thanksgiving table :)

  2. James says

    Who let Dan go on CNBC and embarass Donuts and the Domain industry!

    He was clear as mud.

    Timid, incoherent, bumbling —

    Another major strike against the gtld space – ugh

  3. bnalponstog says

    Keywords of the interview are “goldmine,” “lucrative,” and “commoditize.”

    The interviewer gets it: “And the hope is to sell (the domains) on to other people?”

    Yes it’s all about the money and was never anything but.

  4. says

    Have to agree with James.

    A lousy interview.

    Lousy questions, stupid banter and, while I understood Dan’s explanation, I doubt many end users understood.

    Plan on LOTS of customer confusion.

    Maybe that’s a good thing since applicants will have to spend LOTS and LOTS of money on marketing to explain what they are selling and ALSO convince them to buy their gtld.

    So, far not looking good for the reputation of our industry.

  5. says

    “So, far not looking good for the reputation of our industry.”

    The “industry” already has quite a reputation so I don’t see how some group headed by a guy who was involved in FTC actions over misrepresentations in renewal notices sent to competitor’s customers is going to change anything. What exactly do you expect?

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