Happy 2nd Birthday to .Co

Happy Birthday .Co which turns two today.

After its 1st year .Co experienced a 70%+ renewal rate which is on par with .com.

We should know in a little while what the 2nd year renewal rate is and of course will pass that along as soon as the numbers are released.

.Co wrote on their blog to celebrate their second birthday:

“It was just two years ago that we launched the .CO domain to the world — and set our sights on becoming the web address of choice for the world’s next great businesses, brands and big ideas to grow online.  And what a great two years it has been — filled with trials and tribulations, incredible challenges, exciting victories, and lots of fun!”

“When we launched, there was lots of uncertainty as to where the extension would go. People questioned whether the world really needed “yet another domain extension.” Fortunately, our team knew the answer all along — and the market has shown us that there is a huge hunger for a space on the web for innovation and opportunity to thrive.  We have tapped into an exciting community of people with big dreams and the passion to breathe life into their ideas — and we are inspired every day by the cool things they are building on .CO!”

“With the help of our awesome friends and partners in the startup community, the domain industry and Universe at large — we stand where we are today – a .COmmunity of innovative, fresh and inspiring individuals who are building the future together. A BIG thank you goes out to each and every one of you! In your honor, we’ve put together a pretty cool info-graphic that highlights some of our wonderful partners and .CO-ers (although we couldn’t even begin to fit them all on this graphic!)”

“We invite you to celebrate the achievements we’ve made together, one URL at a time. Please share our celebratory excitement and pass this info-graphic around to your friends, followers and fans – Happy Birthday to US!”


  1. Grim says

    “and the market has shown us that there is a huge hunger for a space on the web”


    I know I needed the extra space. The .COs I registered for my more popular .COM websites, forward to those .COM sites. I’m sure many companies and individuals felt they needed to register .COs for the same reason. (Kind of like TheDomains.CO…)

    Yep. Seems everyone needed that extra space, bad.

  2. Orangelo says

    They have a 70% renewal rate because Robert Cline control 70% of all .co domains. Just kidding.

    Regardless of the reasons, I have to admit I’m surprised at that renewal rate. That’s impressive.

    How long do the .mobi nuts hold on to .mobi before they started to drop? I really don’t know, but wasn’t it like year three before they finally gave up the ghost?

  3. says

    I registered some of the top keywords in Spanish in .co 2 years ago such as Peliculas.co (movies), vacacion.co (vacation), bajar(download) etc, and totally dead, major dissappointment. Sold many spanish .tv for “5” figures though so thankgod for .tv, because .co has big the biggest dissapointment I have seen in my 15 years in this industry!

  4. says

    Hello MHB,

    The only reason the .co etension is having success with re-registrations is SEVERE DENIAL, and misrepresentation on a massive scale. People think that they can take a .co and squeaze it till the vains in their necks pop and somehow it will turn into a Diamond Quality .COM. All the while countless unsuspecting Businesses and Domainers are not swallowing their pride and going into the .COM secondary and buying Value in a valuable asset that is destined to only get more valuable.

    The odds of a penney stock turning into a valuable asset for example are mind bogglingly against the investor. All other extensions are analogous to Penney Stocks in reality. If you want to roll the dice I guess its up to you. If you want to buy a WINNER you have to put up some CASH ,not a fortune mind you, but a decent investment amount. 5,oo0$ in my observation in .COM secondary could easily turn into 50,000 or more depending on your selection. Its up to you, ,A pig in the poke? or buy the odds in your favor.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. Michael H. Berkens says


    Your talking that the only people who registered .co are domainers.

    There are a lot of end users who registered a .co to use them in their business.

    Here’s one someone showed me the other day


    This is a company that decided wrongly or rightly that it was better to spend $20 than $5k or $50k for a .com

  6. says

    @ MHB

    “Your talking that the only people who registered .co are domainers.

    There are a lot of end users who registered a .co to use them in their business.”

    My answer is Knowone will be immune from UDRP or other forms of litigation. KNOWONE !

    This is a Cluster F—- Waiting to happen, especially when people get wise to the fact that they need to own the .COM superior Stream of Perpetual Top Tier Traffic that only the .COM Channel provides.

    Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow,and I may be wrong, but dont take the RISK.

    I have seen many Asset plays in a lifetime of experience and I smell trouble.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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