Auction Hits $150K On is back up for auction at and has hit a high bid of $149,099.

The auction ends on Friday around 3pm EST.

There are 435 bidders in the auction.

The reserve has been meet, at $130K so the domain will sell.

You may recall that sold on in March for $228,600 but the winning bidder didn’t pay


  1. says

    Crap I lost that one, but still have thousands of the very best of the best .org’s; keep in mind a key rule in domain auctions, “If you beat MM you paid too much” I am generally better at analyzing, buying on good timing, and then selling in scale at a lower cost, and I’m willing to take a beating to win in the long run.

  2. Mr.T says

    Mike, you running on repeat or what? When are you going to realize that nobody here cares about your self promotion or about your self-proclaimed “premium” domains? If they were premium, we all know you wouldn’t try to flip them for $300.

    A good rule to remember is this: You’re better off with one quality PREMIUM domain instead of a thousand CRAP domains!

    As far as the MM rule goes, come on – get real!

    And now –! A great domain with a lot of potential. Hopefully it’s put to good use.

  3. BrianWick says

    Mr T –
    “a good rule is” if you want your words not to end up on deaf ears then identify yourself loser

  4. Michael H. Berkens says

    Mr. T

    When you addressing Mr. Mann please refer to him as Mr. Mann or MM since my name is Mike as well

    Regarding lets hope that whoever wins the auction pays for the domain

    Then puts it to good use

  5. Mr.T says

    Sorry about that Michael, will do. Feel free to edit my first comment to avoid any possible confusion.

    As far as goes – I’m assuming the domain will sell this time around. If the same thing should happen again, NJ and the “NJ verified bidder program” will be nothing short of a complete joke.

  6. says


    I too hope the seller gets a great price and actually receives the money


    You’re an amazing businessman but no way you beat me in an actual long run. THAT I will put money on :)

  7. Hahaha says

    “If you beat MM you paid too much”

    That’s totally untrue.
    You’re just another in long line of egocentrics who are drawn to domain speculating because of the power tripping aspect. Congrats on the successes you’ve undeniably had, but it’s clearly caused you to seriously lose touch with reality.

  8. JNet says

    @ Mr. MM

    ….. But some smart & humble biz man beat you to the punch on

    …… and on the flip-side of the coin,, apparently so did the the registrant for

  9. BrianWick says

    Sammy –
    It will be interesting to see if a known bidder bids next – if not you have called the card.
    For me a .org is right up there with the 898 trillion new’s coming out in the nexct year.
    No touch.

  10. says

    “I can’t think of a single .org that is worth more than $80. ”

    That is a ridiculous statement.

    Some .ORG are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I just sold one on Afternic last week for $5K.


  11. Aggro says

    This is a white elephant that some domainer will overpay for

    Price will end up far exceeding anything a true end user will pay

    Plus you’ve got the deterrent of (who might have big plans) which makes the .org far less attractive

    I don’t give a f about its theoretical “worth” or its trophy qualities

    Ask the Libert guy who owns & other great .org names what the real demand is in the real world of business – never mind at the 6 figure price points I’d assume they were asking.
    Same with

    Don’t ask a bunch of dreamer domainers in the boondocks of Indiana or Ohio, 1 man & his dog entities

  12. says

    “I can’t think of a single .org that is worth more than $80.”

    And yet .org is one of the few extensions that has seen a 7-figure sale (

  13. BrianWick says

    Gosh – I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see who bid $150K for – and then if they actually paid it :)

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