Sorry Acro I have To Disagree European Domainers Especially Bloggers Are At A Huge Disadvantage made a post yesterday talking about a “huge advantage” he says European domainers have over their US counterparts.

Sorry my fellow blogger, I have to disagree with you.

Although not my first trip to Europe to cover an ICANN event I find it a huge disadvantage being 5 or 6 hours ahead of EST.

When I wake up at 8am its 2AM or 3Am back home, completely dead news wise or otherwise, Wall Street won’t even open for another 7 hours.

By the time I’m going to dinner at 8pm its smack in the middle of the the day back on the EST.

By the time the market closes its 9PM or 10pm in Europe and if you want to follow earnings and aftermarket news your doing it at 11pm or midnight.

Whether its placing backorders in on or bidding on expired domain auctions or covering industry news for,  I have to tell you I find it almost impossible to do it operating so far ahead of EST.

Other than ICANN that seems to put news over overnight (although they are headquartered in California), I find no advantage to being ahead of the game to speak.

Actually I found another reason to respect what Kevin Murphy does covering the industry on having to do so at a huge time disadvantage.

I guess it will be interesting to get Elliot’s take on all of this when he returns.

I have 5 more days over here they back to normal time for me.

Can’t wait.




  1. says

    I agree with you Michael, whenever I’m in Europe I find I am at a major disadvantage. That being said, after living on the East Coast for 9 years I have to say living on the West Coast is awesome and I definitely enjoy being three hours behind EST.

    While I wake-up in the morning to a bit more emails there’s nothing like having emails die down at 3PM :)

  2. Mike says

    Asia is the epicenter of the future trend space.

    Those invested in future trends domain assets, all wish they resided in Asia to get breaking news in real time, instead of staying up until 3am EST listening to a live stream.

  3. Michael says

    I don’t know about Europe, but I live in Asia and feel it is a big disadvantage.

    All the major auctions at NJ, Snap and GoDaddy end at 3-4AM my time. GreatDomains auction ends at 11Pm or midnight, and the most popular broker newsletters arrive around that time as well.

    Yes, I know you can place your auction beds before going to bed, but sometimes it’s just not the same as being able to follow the action closely. And if it is a name that still doesn’t have any backorders, I need to get up at 3AM if I want to place one in the last minute.

    I think Acro should be extremely happy that he can make a living during daylight in sunny Florida…

  4. TJ says

    As a English domainer living in England I do not feel at a disadvantage. Thank god my world isn’t centered around America or its timezones.

  5. LindaM says

    Im a night owl so living in UK suits me just fine in terms of timezones. The weather completely sucks tho :)

  6. Pat says

    Have lived in New Zealand, Jakarta, Germany, and now Egypt. IMHO Europe or Egypt (GMT+2) are the coolest place to live as Domainer. Its in the middle of Asia and The States, so you won’t miss both sides news and opportunities.

  7. James says

    I have to say I actually prefer being ahead in Europe. I have a productive, focused work day before everyone gets online and the emails start flooding in. I then spend the later part of my day answering emails and communicating rather than the beginning, which I far prefer. Focus in the morning, multitask in the afternoon. Definitely my preference.

  8. says

    London has the worst weather in Summer- rain all during Olympics and raining now during the Wimbledon.

    Again, time should not be an issue if you are a professional domainer like I do.
    You need to work like a cockroach-adaptable and flexible in ANY condition.

  9. says

    Mike – Sorry, but I forgot to add a major key element: Europeans sleep less. With dinner served at 9pm in Greece and 11pm in Spain, the working pattern of Europeans differs to that of Americans. Business meetings at 10-12pm are not unheard of in Russia. It takes practice, as with every cultural change. Enjoy the rest of your European vacation, however. 😀

  10. says

    ‘chris’ – Trolling doesn’t make sense either.

    BTW, this post was made 11+ hours ago and I just now read it. Gotta love lazy Sundays.

  11. says

    None of this matters until the GOOGLE God has spoken…

    Sad how we can pretend we matter and where we are or what we do matters…

    However, let’s keep up the small talk while the monopolies take even more of our basic rghts away… think we gonna regret giving .book, .search, .generic-public-property away?

    We allow Google etc. to break laws we ourselves abide too….

  12. Donny says

    Serious, you can get breaking news and anything you want, just adjust your google setting for that country, then get the best rss feeds for local news in that city if you must.

    It’s not like you guys are stock traders or anything.

    This is called having your business run you and not the other way around. Not a way to live life.


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