So Now That Apple Paid $60 Million To Settle The TM Dispute Over iPad In China, Tell Me Domains Are Expensive

News out this morning here in Europe is that Apple just paid $60 Million dollars to settle the claim of a Chinese company over a trademark for the term iPad.

Yes Apple bought the Trademark rights from a Taiwanese company, but a Chinese company claimed the rights purchased did not include mainland China.

So Apple just paid  $60 Million to settle a trademark dispute really for only mainland China.

Now tell me how expensive domain names are.

Go ahead.

Tell me how crazy it was for Facebook to shell out $4.5 Million for or how insane it was for the owners of to spend $450K to buy

What will be the market’s reaction to this “crazy” amount of money being spent to secure a piece of intellectual property, of which domain names broadly fall into the category of?

Of course it depends on the market in general to some extent and since its 5 am here in Europe as I write this, the market hasn’t opened for pre-trading but I think the news will be viewed very positively.

Domain names by any measure are still way under priced compared to other similar intellectual property like Trademark and Patents.

Just a reminder


  1. Louise says

    @ Back in the real World, It doesn’t benefit anyone to denigrate someone’s modus operandi all the time – not you, not Mr. Schneider, not crazy Louise, not anybody. Our own minds can discourage us to move forward – why would you add to that? The owner of 1-800-Flowers – Jim McCann – was shocked to find himself $9 million in debt, as he explains inHow I Made My Millions, after he bought the company that owned 1-800-Flowers and found out it carried $7 million in debt. He HAD to make it. He had nowhere to go but up, a situation many of us can relate to!

    Neustar announced it is going to do a huge marketing push for dot biz, which already benefits from the marketing of new gTLDs. I think Mr. Schneider is sitting pretty now.

    And quit criticizing his website! It has original content, which is more you can say for big-name sites like, Nextag, which doesn’t offer Google anything. Not a lick of original content on that site, but it whines that Google is a monopoly!

  2. Back in the real World says

    Louise –

    I use one name to post here, this one. Go through the comments again and you will see that I made a comment not mentioning Jeff, or anything to do with Jeff, which he decided to jump on saying I was part of some group conspiracy against .com owners. When I reply to his rubbish with rubbish of my own he wants people banned from the site. LOL

    I asked Jeff about his background last week to see if he was coming from somewhere that would suprise me or if he was mentally unstable as I had started to suspect. He responded by showing me the job he held in the decade man first landed on the moon.

    Trust me I have better things to do, I wish everyone all the best, Jeff included.

  3. says

    “Neustar announced it is going to do a huge marketing push for dot biz”

    The REAL Back-Story on .CO and .BIZ

    and “Neustar” was going to set the world on fire with .KIDS also ? and and and…US
    …and USA?

    But people seem to see the PATTERN and the Military Industrial Complex behind that curtain and .CO

  4. says

    Thanks for sharing the news, Michael! I do agree that domain names are severely underpriced. As intangible as domain names are, beauty still lies in the eyes of the beholder. Moreover there is no dearth of corporations that are yet to become “domain literate.”

  5. Louise says

    @ Back in the real World, Okay, sorry. You addressed @Brian Wick. You said

    I would rather have a .Net with a site than a .Com that is parked

    Interesting point . . . Dot net does well in Google – better than dot com! Probably, Google favors dot net BECAUSE many great dot coms are parked . . . Dot net has potential. Still, my portfolio has shifted toward only dot com, because I saw the point Schwartz and others made . . . One dot net of a popular search I have ranked page 1 of Google with a simple site . . . but it’s hard to promote as, “premium.”

  6. L says

    Dot net does well in Google – better than dot com! Probably, Google favors dot net BECAUSE many great dot coms are parked


  7. says

    @ Louise

    I hope this will be my last Comment on the 4th I need to go in my Lair to celebrate this great country, by the way that was founded through its great diversity and coming together and transforming this country into the great country it is.

    There will be more forthcoming I promise Cheers!

    Gratefully Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. says

    Hello ,MHB

    This ones for you! and all the domainers who have SUFFERED SEEMINGLY DEFEAT! All the toys in the world Mean nothing!

    You know what means something ? TheFOOT PRINT you leave , for generations to follow. This is America not some third world Bananna Republic!

    The Foot Print leading the Pack to light lies in The Secondary Market!

    I do not know how to be any clearer!

    Gratefully, And ever so gratefull to all of you have that have taken Arrows and remain on your feet! Cheers!

    Gratefully Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  9. says

    Hello MHB = The siren of Common Sense!

    Frank Schilling spoke of a sea change, as well as a”WaterMark” This is a subtle announcement of a Master of our Industry!

    Frank Comprehends beyond the speed of light! Are you not listening?

    Follow his FootPrints and you will seek what he already has.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  10. says


    If you want what Frank Schilling has?

    You need to go into the secondary market ?

    The multiples are on the verge of expanding exponentially!

    Swallow your Ego , and go for it!

    We expect the spreads to be 4X current multiples for top of Pyramid choices, in ,Com Channel and 10X multiples now priced at $5,000 just my opinion, Do what you want.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

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