Zynga’s New Game Is The Ville but TheVille.com is Owned By MargaritaStation.com

According to Cnet.com, Zynga is calling its new game The Ville.

Cnet is casual game, users can now have virtual sex in the company’s new title, The Ville. It will be available tomorrow.

According to Cnet.com “The Ville,  is the most realistic game yet in the Ville series of games that includes FarmVille, CityVille, and CastleVille.” which includes the opportunity to have virtual sex in The Ville.

On the domain name front Zynga doesn’t own TheVille.com. That honor belongs to another Ville, in this case Margaritaville .

Not Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.com, instead the domain name forwards to margaritastation.com which has owned the domain since at least 2003.





  1. BrianWick says

    Z’s 2.5 year app for TOWNVILLE 1 year app for VILLE ase still floating unregistered aimlessly in margaritaville :)

  2. rk says

    I have received inquiries on RomanceVille few times just in last couple of months.
    I can’t find who is sending those inquiries………probably from new email addresses.

  3. Jp says

    Arent all these Ville games essentially Facebook games? So now teenagers are going to be having virtuale Ville sex? Maybe I’ve gone pride since I’ve got a little girl now but I’m bothered.

  4. Grim says

    Zynga is already publicly trading stock, so they’ve already done the IPO thingy.

    They closed yesterday at $5.76. We’ll see if this news changes that.

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