Multiple Application Leaders For New gTLD’s: .App; .Inc; Home; .Art; .Shop; .Blog; .LLC; .Music & More

We are going through the list of all new gTLD’s applications and finding those strings that have the most applications.

We will be updating this list for a while so continue to check back in:

13 Apps for .App

11 Apps For .Home and 1 for .Homes

11 Apps for .Inc

10 Apps for .Art

9 Apps for .Shop

9 Apps For .Book

9 Apps for .Blog

9 Apps for .LLC

8 Apps For .Music

8 Apps For .Movie, 3 Apps for .Film

8 Apps For .Design

7 Apps For .Love

7 Apps For .LTD

7 Apps for .Hotel, 1 for HOTELES, 1 for .Hotels

6 Apps For .Law, 2 for .Lawyer, 2 for .Legal, 1 for .Attorney and 1 for .Esq (Google)

7 Apps for .Web

7 Apps for .Mail, 1 app for .email

7 Apps for .News

7 Apps for .Store

7 For .Cloud

6 for .CPA

6 For .Corp

6 Apps for .VIP

6 For .Tech

6 for .Online

6 for .Now

6 for .Baby

6 for GMBH

5 for .Style

5 for .Tickets

5 for .Free

5 For .Buy

5 For .Group

5 for .Game and 1 for .Games

5 For .Sale

5 for .Site and 3 for .Website

4 for .Fashion

4 for .Flowers

4 for .Gay

4 for .Insurance, 1 for .Insure, 1 for .LifeInsurance, 1 for .AUTOINSURANCE

4 For .Casino

4 For .Green

4 For .Health

4 For .Med

4 For .Golf

4 for .IMMO

4 For .Pizza

4 For .Play

4 For .Poker

4 For .Auto

4 For .Bet

4 For .Chat

4 for .School

4 for .Video

4 for .RESTAURANT and 1 for .Rest

4 for .Search

4 for .Salon

4 for .Show

4 for .Radio

3 For .Casa

3 for .Mom

3 for .Property

3 for .RIP



  1. BrianWick says

    Only 3 or less for .RealEstate ?
    No .Homes ?

    The collective hype is a positive – but with these going into auction over the next year or so (I read somewhere) all the luster will be gone by then – just like .co

  2. Michael H. Berkens says


    Long way to go

    Applications will be vetted until December or January.

    The objection period will open soon as well, batching will play a huge roll in when a particular extension will be rolled out.

    Auctions definitely won’t happen until 2013, but deal making begins today

  3. BrianWick says

    All this does is make the pie bigger – what we like in a free market economy :)

    End result – the end-user has more options resulting in these new registries making good money – vs. JoeBlow.Insurance

    But none of this takes away from the demand for .com – in fact it will have an exponentially positive effect on .com’s – i.e. the Brand of the Internet

  4. Mr.T says

    Brian – .com’s WERE the go-to brand of the internet, until today. .Com’s may still be the leading brand for years to come, but expect that to change in no more than 5-10 years from now.

  5. says

    ” Auctions definitely won’t happen until 2013, but deal making begins today ”

    @ MHB

    I don’t think that a lot of the big companies like Google are going to be interested in making deals with others, most of the gTLDs on this list will most likely go to auction. There will probably be many 7 or 8 figure sales by ICANN once all this is done. (just my opinion)

  6. Innocuous says

    .App having the most says a lot. Although as an App developer myself, I don’t really see any urgent need for it.

  7. says


    I agree with you. I think Google may just blow out competitors.

    I think that Amazon’s closed apps will be objected by the GAC

  8. BrianWick says

    Tom G –
    Somebody help me here – how can there be several .Home apps yet just one .Homes ?
    My 13+ years of antiquated .com experience says just the opposite.

    Mr T seems to have a crystal ball and all the knowledge – maybe he can explain

  9. says


    homes v home had me baffled too.

    I think there had to have been a very compelling reason to go plural – only seems to be for the obvious ones – .toys, .pets, .shoes

  10. BrianWick says

    1234SouthMonroe.Home ?
    1234NorthBroadway.Home ?

    Real Estate Listings ?

    Of course the consumer / end-user would never think of reserving :)

  11. BrianWick says

    1 app for Vacations – none for the singular

    I am sure Bridgestone and Goodyear will work something out on Tires

  12. says

    DOT COM is, has been, and always will be King. If Frank Schilling works his magic on the domain extensions he finally ends up with, he will recoup his initial investment and set up his great great grandkids for lives of luxury as well. I also think Mike Mann has a good point. He voted with his wallett, by sticking it back in his pocket. .COM will rule the cyber world as long as I am alive.

  13. BrianWick says

    “.COM will rule the cyber world as long as I am alive.”

    .com IS the brand of the Internet.

    None of these guys are dummies – they have all done the math – all this stuff does is make the .com’s (including their .coms) worth that much more. They are just getting the consumer on both ends – what they want – and what they need to settle for until they can afford what they want.

  14. says

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