Media Company’s CBS, ABC, Fox Apply For New gTLD; NBC, Disney, CNN, ESPN Do Not

Checking out Big Media company’s new gTLD applications clearly not every media company participated in the new gTLD program.

Some of the major US TV Networks applied for their matching gTLD including .CBS, .ABC and .Fox

Some of the glaring non-applicants were  .Disney .Espn, .CNN, MTV

The British Broadcasting Company applied for .BBC

Sony applied for .Sony



  1. l1 says

    sure there are some corporations that did not take the bait. but what’s more interesting is some of the major corporations that are trying to work the system: like domainers!

    example: l’oreal

    they applied for .matrix

    though they might have a trademark for matrix, i think it’s safe to say that most people on the internet do not associate “matrix” with l’oreal. search wikipedia for matrix and see what it says. it’s a very popular word on the web because it’s associated with math, computers, movies and academic science.

    if l’oreal were to get this gtld they would be pulling the classic domainer/ppc bait and switch. kid types matrix wanting to see computer-oriented stuff and l’oreal, which is not in that business, is there waiting to feed him some ads or otherwise try to profit from the (mistaken) traffic.

  2. Bill says

    Maybe that means Media “Company’s” CBS, ABC, Fox are being possesive of their acronyms, while NBC, CNN, ESPN Media “companies” are not. 😉

    There will be plenty of time to see if all their decisions pan out and maybe they’re all going to be right for their own reasons. Securing the .?????? is one thing, making it useful and not a distraction or marketing black hole is another.

  3. l1 says

    actually they probably are not trying to work the system. matrix is a huge brand. but… the traffic that the string “matrix” generates on the web is not mostly for hair products! (or is it?)

    the fact they are going after some generics does suggest they are not just interested in protecting brands – but are also keen to play the domain name game.

  4. Philip says

    Big Media & Networks are the key players as it is the advertising that can & will make the new TLD’s the norm but only for the brands and they are the ones that can apply anytime as they have the TM’s.

  5. says

    ICANN is NOT the Only Religion | Cult

    ICANN has not announced ALL of the players who have NOT applied

    There are over 200,000 major DNS nameservers – most operators have not participated in the ICANN .GAME

    ICANN has also not announced players who took REFUNDS before the Reveal

    Will players now continue to ask for REFUNDs ? and drop out ?

    There are some major TLDs missing from the ICANN list – one has to wonder what happened to those.

    It should also be noted that it appears that 99.9% of the Applicants can be “vetted” in about 10 seconds – so ICANN should be able to Rubber Stamp all of the TLDs in a week. That should lower the cost and generate more REFUNDS.

    The ICANN CEO is currently pointing out that the $350,000,000 was NOT Revenue to ICANN, it was simply some money ICANN collected and held for The Community. ICANN can now give most of the money back. The money was earmarked for fights, disputes, confusion, etc. and there is clearly none of that.

    The U.S. Government and the GAC have to clearly be very disappointed in the Applicants that ICANN attracted and more importantly in those that DID NOT APPLY.

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