Google & Amazon Compete on 21 new gTLD’s

In our continuing review of the list of applicants for new gTLD’s, there are 21 gTLD that both Google and Amazon applied for:

.kid (Amazon applied for .kids)

Of course many of these strings have other applicants as well.

Considering that strings with two or more applicants go to auction unless the parties work something out these strings may go for millions of dollars each.


  1. says

    Hello Michael,

    Where were all these so called Visionary Cos. =,, when the real gold in the Domain vein called ” Virtual Business Foundations ” in the dot.COM Channel ,were being mined? They had DIAMONDS in their back yard years ago. What makes anyone think their vision has changed? False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR . There is lots of evidence that they are missing the boat again.

    Or are they diverting Domainers attentions away from their real goal of attaining the best of the best in the .COM Channel in secret non-disclosure sales? Remember, ” When you connect ALL the dots, they ultimately ALL lead back to dot.COM ” jas .

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. l1 says

    the list of applicants is just full of dodgey shell companies. it says a lot about the web and domain names. a sleazy business.

    why does google have to fly under the name “charleston road registry”? what purpose does that name serve? is it meant to deceive?

    amazon is more transparent. and they’re smart: choosing a luxembourg corporation. LU may be the most “domain name-friendly” country in the world for tax purposes.

  3. l1 says

    and didn’t icm (.xxx) also apply for .kids, before this new gtld scheme was approved by the icann board? pornographers wanting to run .kids- i think that pretty much sums up domain names as a business. completely soul-less.

  4. Archiba says

    Google has more tech savvy than Amazon: that’s why they applied for also.

    The short stuff is gold if it’s sticky in the brain. I think .art is a huge winner for raw regs. The other three letter extensions with literal meaning are here to stay ie .law.

    I like .eat better than the bulky .restaurant but if they’re both under $20/yr then you use one as a forwarding domain for the other.

    A real sleeper extension is .rip: virtual tombstones, obits, shrines etc. Could be massive regs.

  5. l1 says

    archiba have you read the guidebook and supporting docs? i think there may be something in there about strings that can be easily confused with file extensions. if so, .mov would certainly qualify. it’s a very common file extension. perhaps a new gtld expert can clarify whether this matters.

  6. says

    From the bottom of the Google.NEWS page…
    “The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.”

    ICANN needs one page to close their site:

    “The selection and placement of Top Level Domains is determined automatically by a computer program.”

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