CloudNames Announces Application For gTLDs: .Cloud and .Global. just announced it has applied for two new gTLDs, .cloud and .global.

“In applying for these two unrestricted gTLDs we want to give businesses and individuals the chance to secure new and highly relevant domains. We believe that .cloud and .global will be valuable additions to the new top level domains structure,” says Rolf Larsen, CEO of CloudNames.”

“Both .cloud and .global have their clear advantages. A .cloud domain will allow businesses and individuals to have their own cloud on the Internet. Likewise, a .global domain will allow businesses to secure a position on an international level,” Larsen adds.CloudNames believes .global and .cloud are very good choices for new top level domains, and do expect competition on one or both strings. With financially strong shareholders and a good plan for winning any possible auction, CloudNames is confident in its ability to win these domains.

“CloudNames was founded in 2011 by Internet veterans who have been a part of the Internet and domain industry for more than 20 years.”

“The following outlines the proposed gTLDs by CloudNames:


“As companies and businesses continue to grow internationally, they will need a domain name that reflects their business and vision.”

:The Internet is a borderless market place enabling companies of all sizes to secure new markets and customers for their products and services. The purpose of .global is for organizations aiming for or commanding an existing global presence.”

“Furthermore, .global is ideal for any business that was unable to secure their .com address. Also, companies that have determined that it is too costly to secure .com in the secondary market, or even domains in each country they wish to have presence in (i.e., now have a new option through .global. Companies that choose .global see the value in identifying themselves as a global company through their domain name.”

“CloudNames intends to position .global as the preferred domain for companies and organisations that sell their products and services on a global basis.”

“The gTLD .global is a geographical descriptor that would complement or replace current global namespaces such as .com and .net, but also regional domains like .eu and .asia.”

“Once a company competes beyond the boundaries of a country or country- specific domain, it is a global company. Whether you compete within EU, Asia or internationally, .global offers your company a regional and global domain.”

“The global domains .biz, .net and .info have neither been descriptive enough nor attractive enough commercially to really compete with .com.”

“We believe .global is a much more compelling name that has a better description, more commercial appeal, and can be used for more than i.e. .net or .biz. In essence, .global is the only alternative to .com for any global business or organization.”


“The namespace under .com can no longer accommodate good names; .cloud will be an opportunity for businesses and individuals to own their own cloud on the Internet.”

:The word “cloud” is a general term that has become synonymous with the Internet or a piece of the Internet. The new TLD .cloud could apply and mean different things to different markets.”

:We believe .cloud will have a wide appeal.”

“It could help identify companies and organizations that provide services in the “cloud”. Likewise, .cloud could be ideal for consumers who wish to “name their cloud” or their personal piece of the Internet.”

“A .cloud domain could also help identify networking or interest groups who are connected by the “cloud”, i.e. – a networking group for entrepreneurs.”

“The main purpose of the .cloud gTLD is to identify companies and organizations providing cloud-based services. The cloud computing market is growing at more than 24%i per year; new and existing companies are moving into this space at a rapid rate. It is becoming harder to distinguish which services are cloud-based versus traditional services. As businesses move their applications and data to the cloud, the domain .cloud can provide a clear identification of a cloud service offering.”

For example instead of they could use

“The gTLD .cloud will be an unrestricted registry covering commercial and personal demands; much like the range covered from .com to .biz, .info and .net. Although a bit closer to the current .com the new .cloud will allow for a better namespace for businesses, organizations and individuals who want their own name on the Internet.”

“We believe .cloud will appeal to a wide audience, including all sizes of businesses and consumers.”

“The security and privacy measures for any domain registrant under the new top level domains .global and .cloud will be ensured by the partnered registrar that provides the domain service. Implementing new security protocols, such as DNSSEC for all domains, will ensure a better security level for customers, compared to many other gTLDs. The technical operation of these gTLDs will be performed by Afilias Limited, a global leader in advanced registry services.””


  1. Derr.... says

    GlobalCloud.TV is unregistered, you can pick it up for $13 at dynadot – this domain is worth 1,000 times more than all gTLD’s combined.

  2. Brilliant says

    Another solution for a non existent problem
    Yet more Fools and their money will soon be separated

  3. b says

    “solution for a nonexistent problem”

    that is a business plan. it’s worked do far, for over 20 years. fools keep paying.

    the best minds in computing (the sensible people who continue to innovate and who are not slaves to ego and greed, resting solely on their past accomplishments) they pretty much all agree that to have something be secure, reliable and fast, it needs to be small and simple.

    small and simple is a threat to the above business plan. new gtld’s are a nice example. ramp up the complexity. fatten the root zone file. add some more confusion to web navigation. and like magic you create the need for more (crap) software and “services” to try to deal with the problems created. mission accomplished. it’s beautiful. rinse, lather, repeat.

    needless to say, the internet is not being run by the best minds in computing. they are not sensible people.

  4. says

    Thanks a lot for the great post on CloudNames Announces Application For gTLDs: .Cloud and .Global.
    This is very helpful for a newbie like me.

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